10 Creative Decor With Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture You Will Loved

10 Creative Decor With Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture You Will Loved - One of the raw materials for the manufacture of household furniture such as tables and chairs are wicker.

Rattan furniture is widely used in Indonesia, because the raw materials of rattan can easily be found here. Wicker furniture can give the impression of antique and modern in a room, depending on the model of the furniture itself.

Wicker furniture can be placed indoors or outdoors (outdoor). Here is an explanation of the ins and outs of rattan furniture according to the model, placement, complementary accessory to the maintenance tips.

1. Rattan Wicker Patio Or Balcony Cube Set Garden Furniture

Furniture made from wicker that is used for areas outside the ( outdoor ) is generally a furniture 1 set consisting of a table, a chair with ottoman and stool ( stool ).

Outdoor rattan furniture usually comes with a garden umbrella that serves to provide shade from the sun rays.

2. Outdoor or Indoor Dining Room With Rattan Wicker Cube Set Garden Furniture 

The dining room is also a space that can be used to discover rattan furniture. Wicker furniture can be used for outdoor dining, as well as located on the terrace.

In addition to a set of outdoor wicker furniture, wicker chairs for the use of the indoor dining room can also be combined with wooden tables and rattan other room accessories, such as a chandelier.

3. Outdoor or Indoor Greenhouse or Conservatory With Rattan Wicker Cube Set Garden Furniture 

Greenhouses are used in a country that has four seasons. Greenhouses are commonly called conservatory room and sun room . Generally, using the walls and a glass roof so that sunlight can enter directly.

Rattan furniture is a popular choice for use in this type of room. Consisting of several ordinary rattan chair fitted with bearings. For rattan chairs with bright colors, floral able to use pads in accordance with the characteristic of the summer.

In addition, rattan chair with a darker color can also use plain white pads. Wicker furniture can be combined with tables made of smooth rocks that naturally feels more powerful impression.

4. Outdoor or Indoor Antique Living Room  With Rattan Wicker Cube Set Garden Furniture

Living room with rattan furniture to make the room look more antique. A set of furniture that is used can consist rattan sofa equipped with pads and table seating ( coffee table ). Can be added to the side table ( end of table ) that is placed close to a wall as a lamp.

The combination of a wooden table with rattan chairs can also be an option to increase the quantity guest chair in the cramped space, can use the additional bench (stool) rattan which has a height almost equal to the coffee table.

To add to the impression of an antique or vintage living room with rattan furniture, vintage decor additional accessories are also needed. Like for example, bearings and floral curtains.

5. Outdoor or Indoor Rattan or Cane Corner Sofa Set Table, Chairs, And Cushions Cube Set Garden Furniture

Chair or sofa corner can also be made of rattan furnished bearings. A set of wicker furniture This corner has a wide variety of shapes and colors, and consisted of a table, chair or sofa with a cushion.

a. Outdoor or Indoor Table with Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture

In one set of wicker furniture, a table used may be a table into one with a sofa and is located on the corner. The corner table is not closed bearings, but using other materials, one of which is glass.

As an alternative, the table can also make use of rattan boxes that open top. So in addition to a desk, this box has additional functions, namely as a storage (storage).

b. Outdoor or Indoor Chairs or Sofa with Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture

A set of wicker chair or sofa corner, a set of generally L-shaped sofa generally has an additional form of stool. One of them was a quarter of a circle, which can be placed in the corner of the sofa, to function as a place to stretch my legs.

In addition to the rectangular-shaped bench, a rattan sofa sets also typically have an extra bench ( stool ) square. Aside from being a chair and straighten the leg, the stool can also be used as a substitute table.

c. Outdoor or Indoor Cushions with Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture

The bearings are used as a complementary accessory wicker furniture has a variant of colors and patterns, adapted to the theme of the room. For a room with a modern feel, can use a cushion (cushion) in a solid color, such as white.

To cushion patterned, either straight or curved geometry flowering, can be applied to the room with concepts ranging from vintage, shabby chic to modern.

6. Rattan Daybed Cube Set Garden Furniture

Daybed or in Indonesian called a divan, a low long bench shaped like a sofa. Has a function for seating and lying. Cots can be placed indoors or outdoors, such as on the front porch.

Currently the divan of rattan furniture has a very diverse forms. Several variations of the divan is as follows.

a. Lift Up Rattan Daybed Cube Set Garden Furniture

Can be shaped like this bed, can be lifted in the head so that it can function as a backrest.

b. Square Rattan Daybed Without Canopy Cube Set Garden Furniture

One set consists of 2 seat with backrest in a corner and 2 rectangular bench. Can be assembled into a cot with 2 exposes each seat and put the stool on the bottom. Can also be used as an outdoor seating area with a stool that serves as a table.

c. Round Rattan Daybed Without Canopy Cube Set Garden Furniture

Besides rectangular, circular divan can also be equipped with a backrest.

d. Round Rattan Daybed With Canopy Cube Set Garden Furniture

One set consists of a series of 1 large sofa, 2 stools and 1 bench quarter circle round which when strung together to form one large circular daybed with backrest. This couch also has a wide canopy with half of the circle to open the lid, making it more flexible.

e. Overhaul Rattan Daybed With Full Canopy Cube Set Garden Furniture

One set consists of 2 divan sofa with a backrest and a canopy, two large benches and 1 table rattan is located on the inside. The bench can be united with a sofa and formed a divan with a full canopy permanent. While the table can be hidden at the bottom on the bench.

7. Furniture Covers For Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture

Fabric cover can be used to add to the beauty of wicker furniture decoration. Generally, the cloth is made from materials such as cotton, linen, melamin fabric, woven or knitted fabric to silk. Chairs with fabric covering is normally used for interior dining room or a room that is used as a banquet.

Some of the application of the cloth on the seats is as follows :

a. Partially Cover For Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture

Fabric cover on the backrest just close to the bottom of the cushion.

b. Full Cover For Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture

The cloth cover from over the back to the floor to cover the legs of chairs.

8. Tips How To Choose High Quality Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture 

To you who are going to buy furniture made from rattan, it's good to pay attention to some things like the following:
  • Note the structure and strength. As for example for rattan chairs, can be checked beforehand with possess to test the strength and comfort.
  • Observe the circuit webbing. If necessary, the matting must be neat and uniform continuously, no part of webbing sticking out on one side.
  • Note the finishing layer of cane, make sure there are no stains or clumps of dried fluid on one side.

9. Cheap Secondhand Or Used Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture

Wicker furniture does not have to be new, you can buy second hand furniture for a cheaper price. Despite having a price that is cheaper than new furniture, must still be considered the appearance, strength and functionality of the furniture.

In addition to applying tips on buying wicker furniture in the previous point, there are other additional tips may can practice. These tips is to make sure the seller or the store is reputable parties, could from relatives, friends or other network your introduction.

10. Rattan Furniture Repair And Care Maintenance Tips For Cube Set Garden Furniture

A series of tips to fix or long-term maintenance on your wicker furniture is as follows:

a. Repairing the damage of Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture

Damage can occur if rattan wicker circuit for loose or broken. How to fix this is to sand the damaged parts can then paste them back using glue rattan. Isolation of the site until the glue is dry and the cane back limping, then remove the insulation.

b. Care Maintenance of Rattan Cube Set Garden Furniture

As for the daily hygiene, Here are several ways this can be done periodically.
  • Clean the furniture regularly using a vacuum cleaner or with a dry cloth.
  • For the cleaning agents, can use detergent and avoid using chemicals because it can damage the surface of the rattan. After using cleaning fluid with water, wipe the furniture to dry.
  • Be sure to put the bamboo furniture in a dry and not humid. Also avoid placement in direct sunlight so as not expand bamboo furnishings and tableware.
  • In order for the furniture seemed always shiny all the time, can be smeared with cane wax.

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