20 Most Popular Bathroom Themes Design That You Will Loved

20 Most Popular Bathroom Themes Design That You Will Loved - The bathroom is one room in the house part of interest to be applied to various types of interior styles.

Theme is unique and interesting in accordance with the character of the house can be an option. Example for fans of the film or the character, the owner of a particular hobby to enthusiasts of the natural landscape can make it as part of his penchant for bathroom design.

Elements in the bathroom that can be processed in accordance penchant among other designs that can be applied to the motif floors, wallpaper, wall tiles, toiletries such as towels, furniture and murals on the bathroom wall. Variants of the concept and its application will be elaborated in more detail in the following points.

1. Bathroom Themes Sea World Related Like Beach, Coastal Seaside, Nautical, Blue Ocean, Fish, Little Mermaid, Pirates, Anchor, Seashell, Sailor, Lighthouse, Dock, etc

The parts of the sea as the beach, coastal, ocean, blue, fish, shellfish, and a variety of other marine species may be a bathroom accessory. Or the theme of the sea, such as the character of a mermaid, pirate, sailor until themed interior dock can also be a selection of concepts.

Mural with the image of the underwater world can be applied along the walls and ceiling. There should be a dominant blue, pink and purple can be a unique marine interior themes and interesting.

2. Bathroom Themes Country Region or Urban City Related Like French, Paris, London, New York, Greek, Texas, etc

Some of this year, themed interior accessories popular cities in the world are found, such as Paris, London, New York, Texas and so on. This gives an idea of ​​the city-themed decorations can also be applied in an interior bathroom.

Such as the theme of the city of New York, in which the city is famous for the high activities of urban life . Many tall buildings, people wherever here and there and of course the typical yellow cab in New York. Characteristic of the cab we can apply in some elements, such as a bathroom closet lid, litter box to toilet paper.

3. Bathroom Themes Native Local Culture Related Like Italian, Asian, Japanese, China, Indian, Indonesia, African, American, Moroccan, Egyptian, Western, Roman, etc

Local culture is decorating ideas that can be taken from the hallmark of the local culture in a country. For example, such as tribal motifs characteristic of Indian and American culture, sculptures and motifs clothes several tribes in the African country, stone and wood interiors as local nature of East Asian countries such as Japan and China, or even an open concept with bamboo flow to Indonesia. Lots of interior ideas that can be taken from the local culture in each country.

For example, detail the culture of Mexico with a strong blend of Spanish and Turkish culture we can apply to some elements of bathroom decor. Such as orange on the walls with greenery contrasting colors for the furniture, natural geometry detail on ceramics, curved shape of the window frame and the glass mosaic.

4. Bathroom Themes Nature Related Like Wild Forest Beauty, Jungle, Desert, Garden, Palm Tree, Rose, Wood, Rain Forest, Mountains, Parks, etc

Bathrooms with open concept and blend with nature can be one of the bathroom interior concept that is more fresh and unique. Adopting from the beauty of the tropical rain forest, wild forests, mountains and parks can refresh our minds and bodies. Bathroom concept can be applied to us are often tired by the density of cities large and small need a holiday every day.

5. Bathroom Themes Freshness Water Related Like Lake, River, Water, Underwater, Waterfall, etc

The concept of incorporating elements such as water and river water gurgling sound of the waterfall in the interior of the bathroom is also one of the concepts that refresh the body and mind. By using a design resembling a pool right on the bottom of the shower, can become a miniature waterfall in the bathroom.

6. Bathroom Themes Safari Land Animal Related Like Horse, Monkey, Cat, Dog, Zebra, Elephant, Bear, Moose, Owl, Giraffe, Peacock, Tiger, Monkey, Leopard, etc

Some mainland fauna can be interesting objects to be inserted into the theme of the bathroom to make it more eyecatching . The fauna of example only horses, dogs, zebras, tigers, monkeys, owls, giraffes, elephants, and much more. Taking one of the characters, such as monkeys, we can apply to knickknacks such as shower curtains bathub and doormats.

For a more elegant decoration, we can use as a leopard motif motif wall decoration glass divider between sink dry area and wet shower area.

7. Bathroom Themes Marine Or Sea Creature Related Like Duck, Frog, Dolphin, Whale, Turtle, Octopus, Starfish, etc

Sea biodiversity can be an inspiration infinite. Marine fauna assortment can be a single character to a bathroom concept. Such as a bathroom with characters such as dolphins, whales, turtles, octopus, starfish and more.

8. Bathroom Themes Color Schemes Related Like Gray, Lavender, Yellow, Green, Red, Tuscan gold, etc

The color scheme without any specific character can be an option for those who want to design the interior of a bathroom to suit your style. Each color scheme can create the impression of its own, such as an atmosphere of calm, cheerful, elegant, luxurious and so forth.

9. Bathroom Themes Man Masculine Related Like Jack Daniels, Hunting, Moustache, Video Game, etc

For single men, one concept matching bathroom is a bathroom with masculine theme. Themes can be either masculine bathroom with bar concept that takes characters like Jack Daniels, video game concept or concepts mustache . Interior masculine bathrooms tend to have a dark and mysterious atmosphere.

10. Bathroom Themes Woman Related Like Spa, Zen, Elegant, Victoria Secret, etc

As for single women, the concept of the ideal bathroom is a bathroom with a theme more girly or sexy. That might be the bathroom with color shock pink Victorian Secret, a bathroom with a spa or zen concept that is quiet, clean bathrooms elegant or shabby chic bathroom with a soft pink floral.

11. Bathroom Themes Kids Related Like Lego, Rubber Ducky, Safari, You Are My Sunshine, etc

The private bathroom for the children have more choices of design. Such as using a child's favorite cartoon characters, concepts that are popular games such as Lego, the concept of a zoo or children's favorite animals and much more. The concept of cheerful color schemes such as playgrounds can also be applied in a child's bathroom.

12. Bathroom Themes Imagination Related Like Monster, Dinosaur, Kraken, Zombie, etc

Fantasy figures like the characters in the movie monsters, dinosaurs and zombies can also be a choice of characters that can be the concept of the bathroom. The color scheme used even be connected to the selected character.

13. Bathroom Themes Movie Related Like Hollywood, Horror, Disney, Harry Potter, Frozen, Finding Nemo, etc

Interior with themes taken from the successful Hollywood movie is a favorite also be applied to the bathroom. Such as the interior of horror films, such as Frozen Disney cartoon Finding Nemo or even successful Harry Potter films.

14. Bathroom Themes Building Related Like Lodge, Cabin, Eiffel, Restaurant, Containers, etc

Some of the bathrooms can use the concept of ideas associated with some unique buildings. Such as a bathroom with a concept in the restaurant, lodge, cabin or bathroom inside the container.

15. Bathroom Themes Sports Related Like Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Basketball, etc

Various types of sport by means of the game can be a beautiful decoration art in a bathroom. For example it can be used for floor motif, toilet paper holder or as an accessory as a toothbrush and soap. The type of exercise that can be used as a theme also vary, such as basketball, football, hockey, baseball and so on.

16. Bathroom Themes Automotive Related Like Car, Garage, Motorcycle, Bike or Bicycles, etc

Automotive enthusiasts can also enter favorite objects to be decorating a bathroom. Objects associated with cars, motorcycles, bicycles and all things garage can be used as an aesthetic enhancer element of interior bathroom.

17. Bathroom Themes Hobby Related Like Travel, Wine, Listening to Music, Cooking, Shopping, Fishing, etc

Not only automotive, hobbies can also be used as an interior concept for the bathroom. For those of you who like traveling, you can use the wallpaper with the image map of the world for your bathroom. So did other creations for you who have a hobby like listening to music, cooking, fishing, shopping, whatever.

The idea for you who have a hobby of playing the drums. You can recycle one set of drums that are not used to be sink up the trash in the bathroom. The bathroom looked more unique and beautiful, but unused goods can still be helpful.

18. Bathroom Themes Various Style Like Unique, Rustic, Vintage, Flip Flop, Classic, Rustic, Modern, Minimalist, etc

Interior style as classic, vintage, rustic, modern, minimalist and so can be used for the bathroom. Styles can be adjusted with the overall concept of home interior. For example, a vintage style with furniture impressive legacy with a predominance of wood that looks peeling may be an option.

19. Bathroom Themes Travel Related Like Hawaiian Tropical Island, etc

Bathroom with a Hawaiian or tropical concept widely applied in some resorts. Bathroom with this concept offers a natural cool beauty in tropical countries. Tend to open and integrated with nature.

20. Bathroom Themes Four Seasons Related Like Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn

Variety of the 4 seasons can also be applied as a bathroom theme, such as summer, autumn, winter snow and spring. For the winter, for example, can use white domination with decorations of white beads resemble snowballs and bells and lanterns as typical welcome winter.

That was article 20 Most Popular Bathroom Themes Design That You Will Loved. We hope this article gives many benefits and new knowledge for you.

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