23 Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide, Which One Your Favorite?

23 Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide, Which One Your Favorite? Simple minimalist interior design that has become the consumer choice is still a trend in the world of architecture and interior today.

Interior space-themed land minimalist design that is challenging because it requires extensive incredible idea to create a warm atmosphere in the building is minimalist rigid. The atmosphere can be obtained from the selection of furniture minimalist interior while maintaining the functionality and practicality.

One space that can be designed using the concept of minimalism is the bedroom. The room is roomy and clean bed can provide comfort to the user. Both the bedroom for adults, adolescents and children, may adopt a minimalist interior style.

1. Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Set Design : Master Bedroom, Desk, Dresser Cabinet Storage

Views of the concept of minimalist furnishings are simple yet classy and elegant, with emphasis on function. The most fundamental thing is of such a declaration is simple furnishings. The furnishings are simple does not have a lot of ornaments on display, clean and tend to be functional.

The furnishings are used in a minimalist bedrooms include a bed, desk and cabinet. Minimal in quantity the amount of furniture, but the maximum in terms of quality of furnishings.

a. Minimalist Master Bedroom Design Guide # 1

Using a simple bed made of wood or with a plain cloth material.

b. Minimalist Desk or Table for bedroom Design Guide # 2

Usually in the form of simple geometry without engraving with plain colors.

c. Minimalist Dresser Cabinet Storage for bedroom Design Guide # 3

The top can also function as a place to put the television

2. Minimalist Bedroom Additional Interior Design Or Decor For Bedroom : Wallpaper, Lighting, Curtain

In addition to furniture detailed consideration of the above, there are some additional decorating the space that can be used for bedroom minimalist. Among these are the use of wallpaper, lamps and curtains.

Although the curtain is very rarely used, but there are some simple drapery that can be applied as part of the decor minimalist.

a. Minimalist Bedroom Curtains Design Guide # 4

Drapery curtains that should be used is plain-colored or monochrome black, gray and white are not motivated and not banded and have tassels.

If you want to use patterned drapery, avoid complicated curved motifs and flowers. Can use a simple pattern such as a horizontal line, vertical line or another line game.

b. Minimalist Bedroom Wallpaper Design Guide # 5

The wallpaper is applied in interior design miminalist also a wallpaper with a simple design.

Wallpaper does not use flashy colors, but striking colors can be used if you are not dominating the room, such as only applied on one wall only. Avoid too memorable motif too 'busy'.

c. Minimalist Bedroom Lighting or Lamp Design Guide# 6

Lamps for modern minimalist space is usually the most widely used is the stand lamp with simple forms of domination metal material.

The chandelier with lots of lights and a dominant curved shape is hardly ever used for a minimalist space. It also can use a simple wall lamp that saves space.

3. Minimalist Bedrooms for Small and Large Room Space Area

Advice in the selection of furniture is to note the size comparison with a spacious room furnishings owned.

For a narrow space try not to use furniture that has a jumbo size so that the room does not feel full. Besides the quantity of furniture that is inserted into the chamber also not too much.

a. Minimalist Bedroom for Small Confined Room Space Area Design Guide # 7

The use of glass in a narrow room is a great alternative if you already have a large furniture for the room is not too wide.

Large glass can be placed along the wall. The glass can make the room look twice larger than actual size.

b. Minimalist Bedroom for Big or Large Room Space Area Design Guide # 8

To the bedroom with spacious size, design exploration can be maximized. This is because you can use minimalist furniture with a variety of models and sizes.

4. Various Minimalist Bedroom Design Style : Luxury, Modern, Japanese, Zen, Vintage, Rustic, Bohemian, Contemporary, Elegant

Some styles of collaboration can be applied in the bedroom minimalist. The styles include lux (luxury), modern, Japanese, zen, vintage, rustic, bohemian, contemporary and elegant.

a. Lux (luxury) Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 9

A sleeping area with luxury minimalist concept of the average has spacious rooms to accommodate large furniture.

Games up and down the ceiling with light yellow light can add more value to the impression of luxury. Furnishings were used even more and with many variants, can also be added rug.

b. Modern Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 10

For a modern minimalist concept using furniture that is enough, especially for a smaller space. The furniture consists of a bed, bedside table and wardrobe.

As for ornament decoration can be added drapery, carpeting, painting simple and side lights, both stand lamp or wall lamp.

c. Japanese Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 11

A sleeping area with Japanese minimalist concept of using the dominant element of wood on the floor and walls.

Mat can be held on a wooden floor which had an increase of 1 level without using the beds (cots). The dominance of white and black colors can be of more value than the bedroom's minimalist concept.

d. Zen Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 12

Zen concept on the bed at first glance does not differ much with the concept of Japanese. Yet simpler zen concept and incorporate natural elements on the interior. Such as putting a live tree in the bedroom as the main element in interior design.

e. Vintage Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 13

The use of dominant white color by incorporating the older furniture in the bedroom is one way that can be taken to get the concept of vintage.

For example, with the overall modern beds closed white bed cover, then placed the bedside table vintage high-legged with natural shades of wood. At the top of the bed can be added to a simple wall hangings.

f. Rustic Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 14

One characteristic is the use of the concept rustic unfinished wood material with a large enough size. The concept of rustic minimalism can be reached with the use of colors in a minimal space (eg white only) and combined with rustic wooden furniture.

g. Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 15

Bohemian sleeping area as one of the minimalist style is very rarely used, this is because generally bohemian style using a lot of accessories that are far from the concept of minimalism.

But if you want to keep using the concept of bohemian in the bedroom minimalist, can be reached by the use of the dominant colors white and gray room, with simple steel four-poster beds.

Bohemian element can be reached by putting shaped decoration dream catcher in the upper wall of the headboard or ruffle or knitted blankets.

h. Contemporary Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 16

Minimalist contemporary bed room is the master bedroom with a more freestyle concept with material exposure.

Can use interior design with a mattress without a bed with a predominance of wood furnishings. Painting can be placed in the rear of the bed instead of a headboard.

i. Elegant Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 17

Minimalist elegance to a bedroom does not use color composition and accessory assortment. Additionally, more functions highlighted through the design space, such as the back wall of the bed by different finishing and is used as a substitute bookcase headboard.

5. Minimalist Bedroom Colors Scheme Design

Colors used in general, neutral colors such as black, white, gray or monochrome series of these colors.

a. White Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 18

give the impression of a clean and airy as the main objective factors minimalist concept.

b. Grey Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 19

Gives the impression of a more dynamic and futuristic.

c. Black Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide # 20

Gives the impression of elegance, quiet and mysterious.

So from the dominant color of the dominant material to make steel, glass and aluminum are very visible in the modern minimalist room.

In addition, the dominance of wood with natural finish can decorate a minimalist interior to add a warm impression in space and can be a counterweight to not feel too stiff.

6. Minimalist Bedroom Designs for Adult and Teenager

Minimalist interior design for bedrooms and young adults are different. in terms of color selection room, finishing up a wide furnishings chosen furniture.

a. Minimalist Bedroom Design for Adult Guide # 21

Minimalist bedrooms for adults and adolescents can be distinguished from used furniture, decor and even the composition of the colors in the room. For adult room, furnishings purposes less and the color space used softer with the dominant element of wood.

b. Minimalist Bedroom Design for Teenager Guide # 22

While the minimalist bedrooms for teenagers, more furniture because it requires writing desk and bookcase. Besides the decor and color are being used more and still impressed 'busy'.

7. Minimalist Bedroom Design, Minimal in Space, Cheap on Budget Cost Guide # 23

A sleeping area with a minimalist concept does not need a budget that is too much. This is due to the use of furnishings needed relatively few in number, so even with the accessories used.

In addition the needs of decorations such as wall paint, floor coverings and ceiling models are also not too uses a lot of color variants and types.

That was article 23 Minimalist Bedroom Design Guide, Which One Your Favorite? We hope this article gives many benefits and new knowledge for you.

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