10 Creative Ways Minecraft Bedroom Decor Ideas In Real Life

10 Creative Ways Minecraft Bedroom Decor Ideas In Real Life - One of the popular games that are loved by children and adolescents is Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game similar to design and develop just like Lego blocks. This game is addictive because it can whet the imagination and creativity of the player.

In the middle of the night Minecraft, using it as the theme of the interior decoration is beneficial. Because Minecraft can lead to appeal to people who see and feel the atmosphere in it. Minecraft themed interior can be applied in residential or public buildings such as café.

The bedroom is one of the design in residential land attractive to apply concept of Minecraft. Moreover, a child's bedroom is an infinite exploration areas. Of course with characters like Minecraft, the child will be more comfortable and more convenient activity in his own room.

1. Minecraft Bedroom Wallpaper Decorative Design 

One of the most fundamental elements of the decor is wallpaper. Wallpaper can be images that show the situation in the game Minecraft. Shaped pixel images of scenery that can be placed on one side of the wall of the room.

In addition to images in-game atmosphere, wallpaper can also be a simple geometric motifs. Such as image composition circuit box that has a blend of natural colors, namely green, brown and blue. This color is suitable for both male and female bedrooms.

2. Minecraft Bedroom Stickers or Decals Decorative Design

Minecraft themed stickers can only display a sticker that Minecraft writing. These stickers can be applied on the wall and the headboard of the bed smooth.

There was also a sticker with a picture of the character of Minecraft. These stickers can be applied in one plain walls where walls are not using wallpaper.

3. Minecraft Decorative Royal Master Bedroom Theme Design

a. Minecraft Decorative Royal Master Bedroom for Adults or Teenagers

The main bedroom for adults with Minecraft theme advised not need to use a variant of the furniture and wallpaper were too diverse. Wallpaper patterned brick placed on one wall and iron bedside table beside the bed can give the impression of a classic in the interior of the bedroom. Accessories can be added to Minecraft pixel black-framed picture to add an elegant accent.

b. Minecraft Decorative Royal Master Bedroom for Children and Adolescents

For a child's room and teen-themed Minecraft, can use unlimited design exploration. Minecraft pattern wallpaper can be applied in the room, even on the bed. Moreover, it can also use accessories such as ornaments Minecraft character, display boxes are arranged on one side of the wall until Minecraft character shaped decorative pillows.

4. Minecraft Bedroom Curtain Decorative Design

Drapery with Minecraft theme can use red curtains with the words Minecraft character that can be applied in line with pillowcases decorative room.

5. Minecraft Bedroom Furniture Set Decorative Design

A set of Minecraft themed furniture for bedrooms consisted of a bed complete with bedside table, dresser, wardrobe and can be added to the cabinet.

a. Minecraft Decorative Bedroom Design

To get the concept of Minecraft on the bed, can be added pattern pixel geometry resembles a box on the side of the bed. The right blend is a bed with plain colors black, dark brown or white with colorful motifs.

b. Minecraft Bedroom Decorative Nakas Bedside Table Design

Similarly, the bedside table, it can be a simple box shape with geometric motifs pixel circuit analogus brown color.

c. Minecraft Bedroom Decorative Dresser Cabinet Design

Dresser cabinet can be used to store personal purposes. Dresser may consist of 3 or 4 stacking drawers. The combination of the green gingham pixel located at the top of the cabinet to head the drawer, the gray color is a combination of the right Minecraft theme.

d. Minecraft Bedroom Decorative Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe with Minecraft concept can be reached by the use of sheet cupboard colorful patterned pixel box. This sheet can be placed at the door or the side of the closet.

e. Minecraft Bedroom Decorative Cabinet Design

Cabinets can be uniquely themed Minecraft wooden cabinet 4 room without doors. Then use a cloth bag as a sweetener Minecraft display cabinet.

6. Minecraft Bedroom Interior Accesories Decor Like Bedcover Sheets, Door Sign Design Theme

Additional accessories to add visual value Minecraft themed interior is also diverse. Starting from the bed cover bedcover, cushions, pictures located on the wall, a desk lamp or a table even sign hung on the door.

a. Decorative Bedcover Sheets Minecraft Bedroom Design Theme

Minecraft themed bedcovers patterned geometry boxes can be colored pixel. In addition themed pillowcases can use similar to the dominant color of black.

b. Decorative Wallpaper Minecraft Bedroom Design Theme

One simple decor themed Minecraft is a picture wall. Box measuring 30cm x 30cm with a variety of images and a variety of colors can add beauty in one wall of the room.

c. Decorative Photo Minecraft Bedroom Design Theme

Additional accessories themed Minecraft can also be found on a pictorial photo Minecraft. The photos can be printed by itself then given a pretty simple frame. Can be placed on a sideboard or at the workbench.

d. Decorative Desk / Table Lamp Minecraft Bedroom Design Theme

Minecraft-themed desk lamp can be applied on the lampshades. Using Minecraft character is light green with light steel material as a buffer. Can be placed on the bedside table next to the bed and a work desk in the room.

e. Decorative Door Sign Minecraft Bedroom Design Theme

Door hung a sign on the front can be text-room owner's name, sign "Do Not Disturb" (forbidden to disturb), or in other words that characterize the room owner. The concept can be obtained from the addition of Minecraft Minecraft character on a hanger and handwriting font that is used to resemble a typical Minecraft blocks.

7. Variation Minecraft Bedroom Theme Concept : Modern, Cool, Zen, Children

Bedroom with Minecraft theme can be combined with several interior concepts. Some collaboration with the interior concept, among others, are the modern, cool, zen and children

a. Modern Minecraft Bedroom Design Theme

Minecraft bedroom with modern style, can use wood furniture with a blend of wood finishing bright colors with a plain white color. Minecraft design elements can be applied at the bed cover with the dominant color of the light. This combination makes the room look more clean, elegant and modern.

b. Cool Minecraft Bedroom Design Theme

Minecraft cool can be drawn from the use of gingham on the overall design elements in the interior. As gingham colors on the walls and gingham on the bed cover. Besides not using too much Minecraft character shaped accessories, just use as needed.

c. Zen Minecraft Bedroom Design Theme

Zen elements taken from the predominant use of wood accents. As wood motif on the wallpaper. In addition the use of exposed wood natural.

d. Children Minecraft Bedroom Design Theme

A child's room can be a children's playground in the house. So it can use the beds were not too resemble a bed, but the bench play. Minecraft theme can be applied at the bed covers, curtains and wall pictures.

8. Decorative Minecraft Bedroom for Small or Large Room Space Area 

a. Minecraft Bedroom Decor for Big Large Room Space Area

For bedrooms are spacious many can use more furniture to interior design application that is more diverse. Applications can use the full wallpaper on one wall without worrying about space becomes visible narrow.

b. Minecraft Bedroom Decor for Small Confined Room Space Area

If the bedrooms have spacious dimensions for the room, may use multilevel bed (or bunk beds). This concept saves space and in the area under the bed can be used as a play area or study.

9. Minecraft Bedroom Wall Paint Decor

In addition to using wallpaper or sticker, Minecraft motif on the walls is also using a special painting technique. This painting technique requires several stages and expertise. One technique used is painting with a sponge.

Technique of painting with a sponge used for member textured relief on the wall. After coloring the entire wall with blue (for the sky), use a sponge can be applied by adding brown and green for soil and grass.

10. Minecraft Bedroom Decor : DIY or Pay Interior Designer?

To get a bedroom with Minecraft theme is actually not too difficult. You can do it yourself from polishing and giving up additional space motif knickknacks accessory space.

a. Pay Interior Designer for Minecraft Bedroom Decor

For those of you who do not want too much trouble, you can divide the work with experts interior. Such as the motif for painting walls or installing wallpaper, you can use the services of an interior.

b. DIY for Minecraft Bedroom Decor

As for the need of accessories, such as making pillowcases, manufacture drapery to put a sticker on the furniture you can do yourself.

That was article 10 Creative Ways Minecraft Bedroom Decor Ideas In Real Life. We hope this article gives many benefits and new knowledge for you.

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