20 Coffee Table With Variety Form & Function For All Your Needs

20 Coffee Table With Variety Form & Function For All Your Needs - Coffee table alias coffee table is a table with the usual low altitude is placed in front of the couch in the living room, family room or living room.

Coffee table has a variety of sizes, with an average height of 40cm to 50cm. Coffee square table is generally 80cm x 80cm, while the rectangular coffee table usually measuring up to 120cm x 60cm.

In addition, the coffee table also has a variety of shapes, materials and styles. A wide variety of shapes and styles of coffee table in between is a classic, minimalist modern, vintage, contemporary and so forth. The material used can be made of wood, metal, glass, bearings or a combination of some of these materials.

Coffee table has a function to put drinks, magazines, books, accessories and other decorative objects. So some coffee table has a shape to maximize the functionality, such as the addition of rack, cabinet until drawer. In addition, several coffee table also has a more attractive appearance, with features such as a bonfire to the aquarium.

Some variations of form and function coffee table will be discussed in-depth at some points further. This may be a consideration for those who are looking for a coffee table for the living room furniture you want.

1. White Gloss, Grey, or Brown Espresso Coffee Table With Narrow Or Large Storage From Ikea

Beginning of the design that supports the functions of coffee table / coffee table as a storage area is a coffee table with shelves. Coffee table of this type will be found in many retail selling furniture, such as IKEA. Product coffee table that had a shelf ( storage ) which you can find at IKEA, there are small and large shaped rack.

a. White Gloss Espresso Coffee Table With Narrow Storage or Small Shelf From Ikea

Coffee table with a small shelf has a shape that looks lighter with one shelf with a smaller space. The capacity rack coffee table of this type is more limited.

b. Brown Espresso Coffee Table With Large Storage or Big Shelf From Ikea

Coffee table with a large rack has a capacity of more than smaller shelves. But the coffee table of this type has a shape that memorable "full".

2. Coffee Table With Lift Up Top Aperture Or Display Top Storage From Granite Or Marble Stone

Another form of a coffee table as a storage area is opening up the coffee table ( lift up ). This table has a storage area at the bottom of the table, so when storing or retrieving items need to lift up the table panel. The advantages of this storage area is seen as a hidden and secret.

One table covering material of this type is a coffee table made of marble with a body material layer table made of wood. Marble is more robust and not easily scratched, but it should be considered more maintenance problems.

3. Round Glass Coffee Table With Nesting Stools or Bench Stools Underneath And Storage

One of the forms and other functions of a coffee table is a round coffee table with a glass bermaterial bench as a supplement. The model is more coffee table saves space in the room.

Additionally, the bench is used also has other functions. Besides being a place to sit, the bench of a set of coffee table can be opened on the cushions. So that the bench can also serve as a storage area.

4. Round Coffee Table With Drawers Shelf Or Basket Storage Underneath From Pine Or Mahogany Wood

Coffee table classic style round generally made of wood material. This type of wood block, can be used in between pine and mahogany. This classic wooden coffee table can also have a storage area at the bottom of the table in the form of a drawer.

Besides wood coffee table with storage space underneath can be designed in a contemporary style. With a storage area at the bottom of the table which is limited by an iron fence resembles a basket.

5. Rustic Coffee Table With Wheels And Storage Drawers Stools

A table with the contemporary vintage concept can be a square table that has four wheels at the bottom. Table with rustic style can be placed in a room with a vintage themed interior or industrial.

6. Coffee Table With Pull Out Ottomans Seating Bench Or Chairs Underneath And Storage

The series of coffee table with seating can be a single set of coffee table with 4 seats. Seating is used can be ottoman style seating where the material is in the form of pads on the top and four sides.

In addition, other design is a series of 2 ottoman chairs and 2 small tables that can be assembled together to form a square.

7. Rectangle Coffee Table With Glass Top Display Case Storage

Coffee table can function as area displays using glass material at the top. So the exhibits can be placed at the bottom of the table.

8. Coffee Table With Led Lights or Lamps

Coffee table modern can use colorful LED lights. The lamp can be mounted under the table, in the middle between the cabinet or at the foot of the table. Table with LED light suitable for indoor minimalist style, modern and contemporary.

9. Coffee Table With Lights or Lamps

Modern coffee table can also use a lamp mounted on the inside of the body of the table. This causes the table seemed to glow and shine. Tables of this type suitable to be placed in the outer area ( outdoor ) which also has an aesthetic function as a source of garden lighting.

10. Coffee Table With Matching End Tables Set

In one room, the coffee table can also have a model that is similar to a table to sit as a lamp near the sofa or console table against one wall. The tables are usually sold a set, so the interior design can be seen continuously.

11. Coffee Table With Magazine Rack Sites

Functions as a coffee table magazine, could influence the design of the shape of a coffee table. Such as the addition of a magazine on one side of the coffee table.

12. Coffee Table With Seating Cubes or Bench Box

Coffee table can also be formed on the circuit formation of a box that has two functions ie, other than as a table can also be used as a bench seating.

13. Coffee Table With Fish Tank or Aquarium

After getting to know the function of a coffee table as a display area, display functions other than the coffee table with the aquarium. This table is formed from material which is dominated by glass and aquarium box located at the bottom of the table.

14. Coffee Table With Fire Pit or Fireside

Another unique model of coffee table is a coffee table that comes with features campfire. Models such as the table is suitable for areas outside the home, to accompany a garden party with family.

15. Outdoor Coffee Table With Umbrella Hole Place

Model coffee table area outside ( outdoor ) customarily equipped with a hole in the middle of a garden umbrella.

16. Coffee Table With Tray

Another unique coffee table has a table top concepts with tray ( tray ). The tray can be assembled, to maximize its function as a conductor of drinks.

17. Coffee Table With Secret Compartment Hidden Storage Cabinet Plan

A coffee table can also be designed to have a secret room. The door can be derived from the top table which can be shifted with a secret compartment that is located just below the top of the table panel. Designs such as to make the secret cabinet invisible.

18. Coffee Table With Casters or Wheeled

One way to put a coffee table with easier is to use coffee table is equipped with wheels. Some of today's modern coffee table that uses a lot of wheels on the bottom to answer those needs.

19. Coffee Table With Cushion or Bearing

Several large coffee table is also fitted with bearings that can function as a backup seating area. One style that is used for this type of table is a classic-style table.

20. Coffee Table With Hairpin Metal Thin Legs

One of the modern coffee table is a coffee table with legs made of thin iron resembles a clip. This table looks light for a room. With the combination of ingredients table made of wood, tables of this type can be placed in any themed interior, ranging from modern, minmalis, tropical, contemporary, vintage up to industrial.

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