13 Coat Rack With Different Form & Function Cover All Your Needs

13 Coat Rack With Different Form & Function Cover All Your Needs - A cozy home is the dream of every person.

To get a comfortable home in terms of visual obtained from the neatness and cleanliness of the room. In this case, a way that can be taken is to put back items that have been used at the appropriate places.

One of the elements of interior decoration which may help efforts neatness of the room was a coat hanger. Yes, hangers needed to put a coat, scarf and hat you used to everyday. It can be ascertained, each finished doing activities outside, we almost always put the jacket in any place that is encountered is not it?

Hangers or in English often called the coat rack, coat stand, hatstand is one of furniture that does have the primary function of a hang, a good coat, umbrella, bag or hat. The shape also varies, from simple hanger on the wall, hanger stand alone ( standing ) to have additional functions such as a shelf.

The following describes some types of hangers with a variety of different materials and styles. Such as hangers made of metal and wood with styles ranging from classic, vintage chic to shabby. In addition, each hanger also has additional unique functions, such as hangers and shoe racks, hangers and hanger with a mirror up to the board.

1. Standing Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger Rustic Wooden Oak With Shelf

Wooden coat hanger is a hanger popular choice. One of the popular models of wooden hangers are wooden hangers rustic style. This style is selected as suitable applied in a variety of interior styles.

Design clothes hanger standing simplest is a hanger with a pole that stands alone and hangers with 2 or 4 poles that form a shelf. Hanger with shelves have more than one function. Of course, other than as a place to hang out, the function of this kind of hanger is to have a shelf for storage of goods or interior accessory display area.

a. 4 Poles Standing Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger Rustic Wooden Oak With Shelf

Hangers formed by four pillars with stacking shelves in the middle, on the whole have square dimensions. Shelves are in the middle, getting to the top has smaller dimensions. This type of hanger rack suitable to be placed in a corner or near the entrance.

b. 2 pole Standing Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger Rustic Wooden Oak With Shelf

Clothes hanger rack with two poles have rectangular stacking shelves. Dimensions hanger rack stacking at this same type of bottom to top. Hanger rack type is suitable to be placed on one of the central part of the side wall that can add value to the interior decor of the room.

2. Wall Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger From Wooden With Entryway Bench Seat and Storage

Additional functions of a clothes hanger is as seats ( bench ) and as a storage rack or cabinet. Hangers with the addition of these functions generally have two different types, namely the type of separate and fused types. Separate Type is the type where separate hanger with bench, otherwise the type of blend is a hanger with a bench that is connected in one board.

a. Bench Seat Separated Wall Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger From Wooden With Entryway Storage

On a clothes hanger with a separate bench, storage upper also be a hook ( hook ), mounted on the wall permanently. Meanwhile bench with cabinet open right at the bottom of a storage top.

b. Bench Seat Converge Wall Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger From Wooden With Entryway Storage

While the concept of chains that are attached to the bench, hooks mounted on the board into the back of the seat. Backrest board mounted on two sides of the pole and the top bench. In general, these forms hanger seat cover (bench) which can be opened up for storage.

3. Wall Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger With Shoe Storage and Cubbies

Additional designs for the next coat hanger is the addition of a shelf for shoes and additional drawers. So that the clothes hanger has a secondary function, ie, other than as a place to store shoes, extra drawers can also be as a storage area other knick knacks. Hangers of this type can be placed in one of the walls and the space under the stairs to maximize space.

Hangers with shoe shelves and drawers, can use materials made from wood with a natural finishing and paint deco. For the selection of paint you should use neutral paint colors that are not members of the full impression indoor hangers and shelves given dimension large enough.

4. Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger With Basket Storage or Cart

Basket is becoming increasingly popular in the world of product design, especially the wicker basket. In addition to having an additional function on a piece of furniture, wicker baskets also have aesthetic value that elevates the beauty of the furniture. Wicker basket on a hanger can be placed in a cabinet that is located at the bottom or top coat hangers.

5. Modern Metal Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger With Umbrella Stand Holder

Hangers can be one function with a parasol. Material that can be used for this type of decorating one of which is metal. The multifunctional clothes hanger can be placed in the corner of the room, especially near the entrance to allow users and to maximize the function hangers.

6. Wall Mounted Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger With Mirror

Other additional material can be applied to a coat hanger is a mirror. The mirror can be placed on the hook (hook) as well as on the front. This mirror can serve as a place to see how we look, so it's good if this kind of hanger is placed near the access in and out of the room.

7. DIY Homemade Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger With Hanger Stool, Buffer, and Bench

To obtain a hanger at an affordable price and model as you wish, you can make yourself a coat hanger. Many reference models simple hanger board with hooks (hook). To add to the aesthetics, can be added to the bench at the bottom or placard with the quote at the top of the hanger.

8. Antique Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger With Bench and Mirror

For home-style classic, antique coat hanger can be one of the interior furnishings. Hangers of this type generally also have additional functions with seating in the lower part. Moreover, some of which also features a mirror that is much sought after consumers.

Hanger antique bench can also be made of the former door. Wooden doors that are not used can be used as a seat back and hung from hooks (hook).

9. Black Vintage Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger With Wheels

Vintage-style coat hanger that had wheels are generally made of metal. The hanger consists of a series of vertical and horizontal metal pole with four wheels on the bottom.

For some hangers-wheeled vintage style, also has an additional element in the form of a shelf at the bottom and the middle. These shelves can serve as a storage of shoes or other items.

10. Metal Iron Corner Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger With Lights or Lamps And Shelf 

Hangers can also have additional features such as a lamp that has a function as a source of lighting. Hangers this model is usually a contemporary style. Contemporary coat hanger design can have a model in the form of hangers made of metal with a combination hangers, lights and shelves.

Another contemporary hanger style is a combination of chains and lights alone. The lights can be located at the top of the hanger, with the shape of the pole snaking.

Another model is the hanger with the lights where the lights are in the body section of the gallows.

11. Shabby Chic Coat Rack or Clothes Hanger With Chalkboard or Blackboard

Chalkboard is a design element that is now often used in the world of product design and interior. Hangers can also promote the concept of using the blackboard to look more catchy and has an additional function. One model hangers using the whiteboard can be shabby chic style.

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