8 Great Ideas With Bamboo Outdoor Furniture That Enlighten Mood

8 Great Ideas With Bamboo Outdoor Furniture That Enlighten Mood - Bamboo is a material that was popular in the world of interiors and architecture today.

This is due to campaign for the preservation of local building materials from Indonesia, one of which is the bamboo. So the use of bamboo widely applied to the base material furnishings to the main building material and installation art architecture.

One of the applications of bamboo materials in the fields of furniture and product design are used as a set of furniture for outdoor spaces ( outdoor ). It can be found in a set of dining room furniture, decorations complement the park such as lights, benches, fences and other outdoor furniture. Here is a variation of the form and function of furniture made from bamboo which is applied to the garden and terrace houses.

1. Bamboo Outdoor Furniture Set Table, Chairs, And Cushions For Patio Or Lawn Dining Room 

The outdoor space can be used as a banquet area for housing. By providing a set of furniture consisting of a dining table, chairs, and equipped with a cushion, you can make a garden party or a family gathering. Furniture made of bamboo can be one option.

a. Outdoor Dining Room Table Bamboo Furniture

Inspired from the outdoor dining area in a Vietnamese restaurant, a dining table set with bamboo square table shapes you can place on the page. Equipped with bamboo chairs that use natural finishing without paint and unadorned suitable for use in the open with a tropical climate.

Or if you want a little party among family, a set of bamboo furniture can be decorated with fabric cover and a vase of flowers. Feast looked even more attractive with an atmosphere that blends with nature, backed up with furniture from bamboo.

b. Outdoor Chairs Bamboo Furniture

Dining chairs made of bamboo also has a wide range of finishing and shapes. There is a natural color based on natural color of bamboo and painted there for adjustments to the interior concept. In terms of form, there is a bamboo chair with arms and without arms.

In addition there is also a type of bamboo with a high-backed chair, low backrest up that does not have a backrest. In addition to outdoor space, bamboo chair ottoman can be used as seating in the kitchen pantry area.

c. Outdoor Cushion Pads and Ornaments Bamboo Furniture

A set of bamboo furniture with a cushion consisting of a sofa and coffee table can fill the front porch of your house. The decor may be outside the living room area is unique and interesting.

Or if you do not have spacious terraces, bamboo sofa with a beautiful cushion can be used as an alternative. Adopting from Indonesia that many rural homes using bamboo couch, making this bamboo sofa into a cozy corner for rest and seek fresh breeze on the front porch.

2. Bamboo Outdoor Garden or Park Furniture 

In addition to a set of furniture consisting of tables and chairs, bamboo can also be used as a base material complementary garden furniture making. By using bamboo, the park will look more beautiful. Some applications of bamboo for furniture and garden accessories in them are as follows.

a. Outdoor Bamboo Pot Plants for Garden or Park Furniture 

The series of whole bamboo arranged vertically and horizontally and placed on a page as a potted plant is a unique idea to turn the home garden. Plants can be placed in the holes that have been arranged and shaped in such a way on the surface of bamboo.

b. Outdoor Bamboo Bench for Garden or Park Furniture

Simple park bench rectangular with four legs can be found in almost all the galleries that sell garden furniture. Although the shape is simple, but if we put in the right place with attractive garden accessories, it will be of more value to the beauty of the garden house.

c. Outdoor Bamboo Lamp or Lighting for Garden or Park Furniture

Garden lighting can also be made from bamboo which is formed in such a way. Starting from simple shapes to have woven elaborate. Garden lamps of bamboo, will make the house feel like a garden in the countryside, peace and quiet memorable.

d. Outdoor Bamboo Fountains for Garden or Park Furniture

A fountain of bamboo fountains are very often used to park with the concept of traditional, zen and tropical gardens. Gurgling water arising from the formation of bamboo adds freshness garden area and good for peace of mind therapy.

e. Outdoor Bamboo Gazebo for Garden or Park Furniture

The house with the modern concept can be used with a combination of bamboo gazebo. Can be applied in the area of ​​the walls and roof of the gazebo. By adding a cushion and cushion patterned geometry, a gazebo with a bamboo roof panel will look more modern.

f. Outdoor Bamboo Pergola for Garden or Park Furniture

Bamboo pergola can be placed at the top of the lobby garden. The pergola can be a shade of sun exposure in space outside the house.

g. Outdoor Bamboo Fencing and Partition for Garden or Park Furniture

Fencing and partition of bamboo is widely used for gardens with tropical concept, traditional, minimalist to contemporary. With black frame and the ranks of dense bamboo, bamboo partitions can decorate the garden and add an elegant impression

3. Woven Bamboo Wicker Outdoor Furniture 

Furniture type of bamboo that can be the choice of design is shaped wicker furniture sets. This furniture will look more complicated, but with coloring and beautiful design will add warmth to the home garden.

4. Faux, Fake, Imitation, Or Bamboo Look Outdoor Patio Furniture From Aluminum And Metal 

Several sets of bamboo furniture does not use the original bamboo material, but using aluminum or metal. This furniture is usually used as a covering material paint finishing. The colors used also vary, ranging from white, black to bronze.

a. Faux, Fake, Imitation, Or Bamboo Look Outdoor Patio Furniture From Aluminum

Bamboo imitation of aluminum generally thinking about a lighter weight, because the only material in the form of the outer layer with the inside hollow.

b. Faux, Fake, Imitation, Or Bamboo Look Outdoor Patio Furniture From Metal

To imitation of metal or metal usually, have a greater weight than aluminum. This is because this type of more dense material.

5. Vintage Bamboo Patio Outdoor Furniture

Vintage concept to a terrace with bamboo furniture main material, usually lots have a curved shape in some aspects, such as in parts of the chair arms and legs. To enhance the vintage, can use a cushion or bearing with arch motif and color typical salmon in years 70s.

6. White Dominance Bamboo Outdoor Furniture

To make the terraces have the concept of white domination using material bamboo furniture can be reached via two ways. First use bamboo furniture were covered with white paint. Then add accessories and other interior details that have contrasting colors, such as blue.

The second way is to use bamboo furniture with original surface finishing of bamboo bright colors. But for accessories and porch detail using the color white domination, including walls, floors and window sills.

7. Bamboo Deck Outdoor Furniture

The deck is a floating floor construction page contains. The deck on the terrace can also use bamboo material which sometimes can also be combined with wood. This bamboo deck will be more beautiful if placed on top of the fish pond on the terrace of the house.

8. Bamboo Outdoor Furniture Care And Maintenance

 In Indonesia, bamboo furniture with materials belonging to the furniture at an affordable price. This is due to many regions in Indonesia which is becoming a bamboo producing area. Nonetheless, bamboo furniture care should always be taken, in order to remain durable and does not often knock down part of the furniture was broken.

Several steps can be taken to treat bamboo furniture care and maintenance step:

  • Clean the furniture regularly using a vacuum cleaner with a brush-shaped head. This is due to the form of the brush will not damage the surface layer of bamboo. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner-shaped brush, can be replaced by using a regular brush or paint brush.
  • For cleaning materials, use a mixture of ammonia with liquid cleansers. Its use can be sprayed onto parts of furniture and brush to clean. Rinse traces of cleanser to clean and immediately wipe with a cloth to dry.
  • Be sure to put the bamboo furniture in a dry and not humid. Also avoid placement in direct sunlight so as not expand bamboo furnishings and tableware.
  • In order for the furniture seemed always shiny all the time, can be applied linseed periodically.
  • If there are stains that stick, clean it immediately so that the stain does not cause scars on the furniture.

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