Oak Bedroom Furniture, Yay or Nay? Find The Answer Here

Oak Bedroom Furniture, Yay or Nay? Find The Answer Here - One type of wood used to make furniture is oak. Oak wood used for furniture room in a dwelling house, one of which is furniture for the bedroom.

Oak is suitable for bedroom furniture for the impression arising from this type of timber is light and warm. Oak wood can be used for a wide range of furniture styles, ranging from modern, to vintage country.

Oak itself is one type of hardwood with a hardness scale of 4 out of a scale of 1 to 5. In addition, the wood has a texture and fiber look beautiful and have large pores that readily absorb water.

Oak has shades of the core to the bark is reddish in the heart of the wood, and then getting out of the order of the color is greenish brown and white. Oak until the distributor generally shaped boards that are already half dried with a wide range of thicknesses.

Sometimes people who are shopping for furniture -in this case adjust oak- wood furniture purchases when there is a rebate (discount) which usually falls at the end of the year, it is intended in order to get a more affordable price.

For bedroom furniture itself, can be purchased directly one set which generally consists of a bed, bedside table and wardrobe. Selection of oak wood to be considered on the quality of solid wood and solid and besides if the furniture has been painted or not.

Furniture made from oak wood is well suited adopt or rural rustic style. Rustic furniture is stylish to highlight the naturalness of the material, the impression of old and appears to have a rudimentary settlement (unfinished).

Therefore the selection of oak wood is very appropriate because exposure and texture of wood fibers will maximize rustic style. Rustic furniture typically has a large size and looks solid.

In addition to a rustic, consumers are also pleased with the appearance of oak that looks whitewashing that enhance the whiteness becomes more antique furniture. There is also liked the look clean and bright so that it looks modern, charming and of high quality.

The criteria selected consumers for a variety of oak wood, such as by application of a percentage of the amount of oak on the overall shape of furniture. No vote using the original oak wood overall and some choose not wholly wear oak wood material (only coated only).

Additionally criteria based on staining, there are select oak that has been bleached (bleaching), new oak or natural oak. Based on the manufacture, there are consumers who choose the form of manufacturing and many are choosing handmade (handmade).

Most wanted oak bedroom furniture has one or more of these criteria below :

  • Discount or sale oak bedroom furniture
  • One set oak bedroom furniture
  • Solid oak bedroom furniture
  • Painted colored oak bedroom furniture
  • Rustic or rural oak bedroom furniture
  • White limed antique oak bedroom furniture
  • Light or dark, qualified, native provence oak bedroom furniture
  • New or old oak bedroom furniture
  • Coated or bleached oak bedroom furniture

Black, White, Gray / Grey, Brown Golden, and Red are oak bedroom furniture most favorite colors

Some colors are a favorite for oak bedroom furniture is a natural color like black, white and gray. The color gold that gives the impression of luxury even be an option.

A bold red color is also entered in the row of popular colors to be applied to bedroom furniture made from oak. To maximize exploration and texture of oak wood fiber, is generally given a layer of varnish on its surface.

Black oak bedroom furniture

As well as black gives the impression of elegance. A mysterious and elegant. The black color of choice for classy-elegant impression and not easy to look dirty even though there is little stain.

White oak bedroom furniture

White for lighter impression and clean. Clean and light. The white color which became the most favorite because the member the impression of light, clean and simple.

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Grey or Gray oak bedroom furniture

The gray color is the color of mice that could be interpreted symbolizes warmth, shade, and also elegant. If you want the atmosphere of your bedroom into a relaxing and elegant shade and use the color gray as the color of your choice.

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Brown Golden oak bedroom furniture

The brown color symbolizes simplicity, warmth, and can also be interpreted symbolizes something that has been aged or older. The gold color symbolizes notch, luxury, power, and security is also wisdom. Mix brown gold-ish you got luxury old style to your bedroom.

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Red oak bedroom furniture

This is due to the color impression "luxury" and "expensive". The red color can be the best choice if you want to accentuate bedroom as a point of interest in home interiors.

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Tasmanian, French, UK, Toulouse, Loire, Amish are oak bedroom furniture most favorite style

The concept of furniture styles that can be applied in the establishment of oak wood furniture bed as various types. The style options include Tasmanian, French style that is synonymous with its rustic, style UK, Toulouse, the Loire and the Amish.

Tasmanian oak bedroom furniture

French oak bedroom furniture

UK oak bedroom furniture

Toulouse oak bedroom furniture

Loire oak bedroom furniture

Amish oak bedroom furniture

Pros and Cons, Plus and Minus, Advantages and Disadvantages of oak bedroom furniture

Pros, Advantages, Plus of oak bedroom furniture

  • • Having a texture and large pores and deep that if given proper finishing it will generate a unique and attractive furnishings
  • • Durable
  • • Resistant to moisture.
  • • Have a good quality crooked
  • • It would give a different impression because the natural color shifts over time.

Cons, Disadvantages, Minus of oak bedroom furniture

  • • The wood is hard but fragile. Excessive drying too quickly can risk making the wood cracked, easily broken and curved.
  • • Susceptible to attack by wood-eating insects.
  • • Do not heat resistant.

Oak Bedroom Furniture Care (Cleaning from Stains) and Maintenance

As already mentioned in the previous point that furniture made from oak wood turned out to have drawbacks such as heat resistance and are also vulnerable to termite attack.

Therefore, there are some maintenance steps that you can apply on your oak furniture, including:

  • • Clean regularly from dust and dirt. Can use a clean dry cloth or a mini vacuum cleaner.
  • • Because it is not stand the heat, then place in a room with normal temperature and keep it away from direct sun rays in the long term. This is intended to avoid the furniture is not broken and does not become dull color.
  • • Keep always moisture oak wood from drying and cracking.
  • • Avoid stain. Oak wood easily absorb fluids have properties due to large pores, so this makes it easy marks fluid. Because the seal with sealent containing polyurethane to be more durable wood.
  • • Polishing with natural chemical drugs to prevent the attack of wood-eating insects.

Oak Bedroom Furniture Price Range for buy purchase or Sale via online or offline as you considered

Price plank oak before it became teak furniture ranging from 20 USD with a length of 200 cm - 310 cm; width 11 cm - 40 cm and 2.5 cm thick - 5.5 cm.

If you're an already diverse furniture, judging from the size, shape, material support furniture and the oak wood finishing. As a shadow, the following are some types of furniture made from oak and prices offered:

  • • Beds, size M 200cm x L 160 cm x H 20 cm, prices ranging from 300 USD
  • • Bedside table without drawer, size P 52cm x L 30cm x H 40cm, prices ranging from Rp 70 USD
  • • The closet door pull, the size of P 100cm x W 45cm x H 180cm, prices ranging from 240 USD
  • • Wardrobe sliding door, size L P 160cm x 50cm x H 180cm, prices ranging from 370 USD

Oak Bedroom Furniture Installation and Buying Factors Considerations

Basically before buying furniture, anything goes, including the oak wood, there are a series of factors to consider. These factors include:

  • • In choosing furniture that will always and always suggested is first make the concept of space. If you already have a theme or style for your room, it will be easier to decide whether it is appropriate to use oak or not. If you are still confused with the concept of space, you can use the concept rustic as mentioned above.
  • • Make sure you have a sufficient budget to buy furniture made from oak wood.
  • • Make sure your bedroom space to accommodate the prevention of shortage of oak, for example by being placed in the room, oak wood furniture can be protected from direct sunlight.

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