Anti Mainstream with Lucite Transparent Furniture + 100 Designs

Anti Mainstream with Lucite Transparent Furniture + 100 Designs - In addition to convenience, another factor which is sought from the selection of a piece of furniture is the style and prestige, how the furniture can amaze the eyes of the beholder.

Breakthroughs in the world of furniture design is mostly done, ranging from the idea of ​​shapes, materials innovation and application of the popular colors that year on a piece of furniture.

Material innovations in the world of furniture which is now developing is the use of acrylic or polycarbonate as a main material in making a transparent furniture.

So the truth is the acrylic? Acrylic is a kind of transparent plastic material resembling glass. Though such as glass, acrylic fact has more superior properties when compared to glass.

Acrylic colors that have not faded fast and has a lighter weight. Not easily broken and made from lightweight makes acrylic suitable as raw material for making furniture.

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The use of transparent furniture can make a room seem more spacious. Acrylic furniture will be suitable when placed in a room that is not too broad for this sleek furnishings make the room does not feel 'full'.

The following will discuss the intricacies of transparent furniture. Starting from the application, where they come from, their advantages and drawbacks to the price range for a piece of furniture made from acrylic.

Most wanted or popular lucite transparent furniture

Furniture made of acrylic can be applied to some types of furniture. Popular furniture made from acrylic, among others:

  • • Buffer - some use a table or chair leg braces made of acrylic
  • • Chair - a variant of acrylic chairs among others, stools, bar stool or kitchen chair, a chair that is used for decorating weddings, office chairs, folding chair, chairs for outdoor (outdoor) for the garden or patio
  • • Table - the most commonly used is the table sat or commonly called a coffee table, a side table that is used to place the lights
  • • Furniture bedrooms - both for adults and the baby's room
  • • Accessories office - commonly applied to a document, a ballpoint pen. Serves to increase the effect of modern office space.
  • Acrylic furniture colors used are transparent colorless, transparent with color or a combination of both.

Lucite transparent furniture quite popular in America

Furniture transparent acrylic or polycarbonate are not too much of its existence in Indonesia, especially in homes. However, this type of furniture is widely used in Dallas, Florida, New York, Australia, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Canada, Toronto, England and even India.

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Seen many modern states in the US who are already using this acrylic furniture, it is because these lymph furniture is suitable for modern interiors contemporary and industrial which this concept is widely used in the American states.

Transparent acrylic furniture has been sold at IKEA and eBay, maybe you are now thinking of buying? Please see these 2 shopping site.

Pros and Cons, Plus and Minus, Advantages and Disadvantages Lucite Transparent Furniture from Acrylics or Polycarbonate

Pros, Plus, Advantages of Lucite Transparent Furniture from Acrylics or Polycarbonate

  • • Lightweight - acrylic which has a specific gravity lighter ease when setting up the furniture.
  • • Not easily fade - acrylic material is resistant to UV light was good so it will not cause a yellowish color on the surface, so it can be placed indoors or outdoors.
  • • Flexible - in terms of production more easily formed according to the desired design.

Cons, Minus, Disadvantages Lucite Transparent Furniture from Acrylics or Polycarbonate

  • • Vulnerable scratch - the surface is softer than glass, making it easier scratched acrylic. But the good news is, if the acrylic scratches can still be polished with a chemical to remove scratches, while the glass must be replaced because the scratches can not be lost.

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Lucite Transparent furniture Care and Maintenance (From stains, etc)

Acrylic furniture so that it always looks beautiful and preserved, you'll want to do some maintenance steps, including:

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  • • Remove dust and dirt with a dry cloth or duster periodically. It is designed to dust off does not cause fine scratches on the furniture.
  • • Can also cleaned by using a chamois. Chamois slightly moist and has a silky texture that will not scratch the acrylic will make acrylic look more brilliant.
  • • Occasional use wax polish that you would get at shops selling motor vehicle cleaning products. By using the wax that has the ability to make the plastic becomes more shiny surface, will make your furniture more shiny.
  • • If you accidentally acrylic furniture scratched, you can use a polishing or fine sandpaper. But it should really be extra careful in doing so, because otherwise you could cause new scratches. If you do not really have the courage to use polishing, the alternative is to use white toothpaste smeared and rubbed gently on scratches.

Lucite transparent furniture Price Range for buy purchase or Sale via online or offline as you considered

Acrylic furnishings tend to be cheaper when compared with wooden furniture, especially teak. As a reference to the price of acrylic furniture in the market, following the reference price and the dimensions of some acrylic furniture has been collected.

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  • • Bedside table, size l p 60 cm X 60 cm X 75 cm t, ranging from USD 230 (acrylic thickness 10 mm, color clear) and USD 300 (acrylic thickness 12 mm, color clear)
  • • Bedside table 1 set consists of 3 pieces, prices ranging from USD 960 (amazon)
  • • Desk acrylic with a magazine sitting on the right and left side, size 98cm X p t l 43cm X 40cm, ranging from USD 190 (amazon)
  • • Console table leg spiral, starting from USD 390 (eBay)
  • • modular desk (for the wedding event), ranging from USD 760 (eBay)
  • • Chairs clear acrylic colors with backrest and arms (dinning armchair), size p l 29 cm X 47 cm X 90 cm t, ranging from USD 90 (amazon)
  • • Seat backrest bar with a variety of designs, ranging from USD 570 (eBay)
  • • Shelf stacking wheeled acrylic 2, size 60 cm X 30cm X 77 cm, ranging from USD 290 (amazon)
  • • A set of acrylic dining table, ranging from USD 2160 (eBay)

Lucite transparent furniture Installation and Buying Factors Considerations

Some things behind the purchase of furniture transparent acrylic or polycarbonate among others is their lucrative discounts, cheap price for the purchasing units and wholesale.

Acrylic furniture can purchase directly through the manufacturer or that have been distributed to stores, but of course in producer prices will be much more affordable.

Before buying this transparent furniture make sure you have to think carefully several considerations such as the suitability of the concept of matching between the use of transparent furniture with a space theme which will be a place of this furniture is located.

Additionally prepare a budget before buying and sorting select which store has the best deals.

Research is certainly needed to get the best quality right?

And here is it another lucite transparent furniture pictures / images / photos

That is it Anti Mainstream with Lucite Transparent Furniture + 100 Designs. We hope this article give many benefits for you.

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