30 Most Popular Marble Kitchen Countertops And The Reason Why

30 Most Popular Marble Tile Kitchen Countertops And The Reason Why - Countertops, Benchtops, Worktops, Kitchen Bench, Tabletop has the same meanings.

The kitchen is one part in your dwelling that requires special attention in the interior design.One of the interesting objects for design explored in a kitchen is a kitchen table or called countertop / tabletop. Countertop is a table that became the cover cabinet (cupboard) the bottom of the kitchen.

Then the question arises, why countertop or kitchen table is interesting to discuss? The answer of course, because most of the kitchen activity is in this area; among them set up food ingredients, cooking, washing, kitchen tools, and so forth. 

Because of the many activities that allow the kitchen table or countertop must have an ergonomic design, comfortable, easy maintenance and long lasting. Exploration countertop design can be drawn from the use of cover material and color is applied.

marble kitchen black countertops home depot and brown cabinets

One countertop material is a favorite dessert is the marble. Marble is a rock that gives the appearance of elegant luxury and most important level of durability in the long term. 

Just info, technically marble rock is a metamorphic rock formed from carbon recrystallization process. The process is made up of limestone with pressure and heat continuously due to the tectonic shifts in the earth's crust.

But do not worry, because we will not discuss it further geographic terms, we equally do not want to get too dizzy right? 

This time sufficient discussion about the color of the marble countertop is a favorite, advantages and disadvantages, maintenance, real and fake marble differences, purchase or sale price range and other considerations factor that can make for a view before you start using a marble countertop. 

The more curious? Let us one by one talk about it.

Marble Tile Kitchen Countertops or Benchtops Favorite Colors for home depot and apartment are white, black, red, green, blue, pink, yellow, purple, orange, gold, silver, brown and grey

About Black And White Marble Tile Kitchen Countertops

Favorite color for materials cover the kitchen table or countertop is a neutral color such as black and white. Neutral colors have been selected to be easily adapted to the type of material and color of the kitchen cabinet. 

Best Black Marble Kitchen Countertops with white cabinets

Whether it's a wooden cabinet with natural finish for the kitchen to the theme of both conventional and finishing laminate cabinet with plain colors or stainless steel is widely used in modern minimalist kitchen. 

The white color which became the most favorite because the member the impression of light, clean and simple, while the black color of choice for classy-elegant impression and not easy to look dirty even though there is little stain.

Best White Marble Tile Kitchen Countertops Minimalist

About Red and Green Marble Tile Kitchen Countertops

In addition to neutral colors, red and green are also the favorite choice. This is due to the color impression "luxury" and "expensive". The red color can be the best choice if you want to accentuate the kitchen as a point of interest in home interiors.

Best Red Marble Tile Kitchen Countertops with White Cabinets

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While the color green chosen for the more exotic and accentuates the impression of a more conventional. Green marble without sanding and furnishing will accentuate the character of a traditional kitchen is expensive, especially when juxtaposed with light wood cabinet.

Best Green Marble Tile Kitchen Countertops with Brown Cabinets

About Blue and Pink Marble Kitchen Countertops

Blue is the color of the sea and sky. That is the color that symbolizes peace and quiet, also the tenderness and trust. The blue color when paired with white cabinet on the countertops will add a sense of cool and comfortable in your kitchen.

Blue Marble Kitchen Countertops picture

Many people say pink is the color of universal epitomizes women because women are identical with the color pink. The pink color also symbolizes love and delicacy and affection and friendship. Pink on countertops create a strong impression girly and womanizer in your kitchen.

Pink Marble Kitchen Countertops picture

About Yellow, Purple, and Orange Marble Kitchen Countertops

Yellow color symbolizes the color of the sun is warm and friendly. yellow color also symbolizes teamwork, optimism, and happiness. Use yellow on your kitchen countertops and your kitchen will feel the atmosphere is bright and cheery.

Yellow Marble Kitchen Countertops

Purple color symbolizes something mysterious, ambitious, and magic. It could also symbolize nobility. Choose the color purple marble countertops in your kitchen for an elegant sense of mystery and cool like you are someone special like royalty.

purple Marble Kitchen Countertops image

Orange color symbolizes happiness and success and achievement. Choose the color orange as the color of marble kitchen countertops you if you are a person who likes to appreciate yourself to remind you of your accomplishments.

Orange marble kitchen countertops

Gold and Silver for Marble Kitchen Countertops

The gold color symbolizes notch, luxury, power, and security is also wisdom. Choose the color of gold as the color of your countertops mainstay if you want to look glamorous and classy.

gold marble kitchen countertops with brown cabinets

Silver color symbolizes the color of gold is glamour, glitter, also humility. Choose the color of silver as the color of your kitchen countertops clean impression and shine classy.

silver marble kitchen countertops with white cabinets

Brown and Grey or Gray Marble Kitchen Countertops

The brown color symbolizes simplicity, warmth, and can also be interpreted symbolizes something that has been aged or older. If you are a fan of something ancient classic taste suitable when using kitchen countertops brown color.

brown marble kitchen countertops picture

The gray color is the color of mice that could be interpreted symbolizes warmth, shade, and also elegant. If you want the atmosphere of your kitchen into a relaxing and elegant shade and use the color gray as the color of your choice.

grey marble kitchen countertops image

Pros and Cons, Advantages and disadvantages of Hone Marble Kitchen Countertops or Worktops (durability, maintenance etc)

Honed Marble Kitchen Countertops Pros or Advantages are below :

  • • Strong durability- the marble surface is hard and not easy to dent can be used for kitchen with high-intensity activity.
  • • Resistant to heat no need much maintenance - marble has a high resistance to heat so it does not matter if it is used in the kitchen area that often come into contact with the hot stuff.
  • • beautiful natural rock - marble has natural texture with lots of choices pattern in which the image patterns on the marble tends to be greater when compared to granite.
  • • Flexible design - marble cutting easier and faster when, once again, than the granite stone. Marble is not easy to crack and break when cut, so it allows for different designs.

Honed Marble Kitchen Countertops Pros or Advantages

Nonetheless, Honed Marble Kitchen Countertops also has some Cons or Disadvantages, among others:

  • • Prices are relatively more expensive
  • • Requires expert - either from the installation or repair, marble fairly complicated and heavy when not using a professional to do it.
  • • Easily scratched - marble is a natural stone that is prone to scratches. Therefore, the need to increase the level of vigilance in using a kitchen knife so as not to scratch the marble kitchen counter.
  • • Easy tarnished - due to its large pores, prone to acidic liquids like juice, vinegar, turmeric (herb) and oils.

Honed Marble Kitchen Countertops also has some Cons or Disadvantages

Marble Look Kitchen Countertops or Kitchen Bench Cost or Price Range for buy or Sale via online or offline as you considered

The calculation of the cost of installing a marble countertop is usually calculated per-m¹ with amounts of money that diverse. Average prices offered ranged from USD 85 $  to 170 $ , depending on the type of marble used.

These costs are only the kitchen table alone and generally have a width of 60 cm, excluding cabinet installed under the kitchen table. Other deals that can be added in the price is already included perforations place the stove and sink, free of charge transport to certain areas and free of charge pairs.

Marble Look Kitchen Countertops Recommended for buy

Caution and beware of Fake Marble Kitchen Countertops or Tabletop : It is Cultured And Engineered Artificial Marble Countertops

Sometimes to get a luxurious look, people need to pay the cost to see "such a luxury", not to mention the marble. Therefore we need to "carefully before buying" by studying the characteristics of the original marble not to get caught buying fake marble like cultured and engineered marble countertops which is more inexpensive alternatives.

Engineered Artificial Fake Marble Kitchen Countertops

  • • Temperature - original marble temperatures colder than the ambient temperature in the vicinity, while the fake marble, temperatures tend to be the same as the temperature of the room. Therefore, marble touch you before you buy!
  • • The level of acid - certainly original marble stained, while the fake ones do not. Checking the original marble require vinegar to prove it, but do not forget to be cleaned immediately after checking the yes!
  • • Level scratch - as has been mentioned earlier, easily scratched marble and fake marble is not easily scratched. Have mock-up sample of marble you want to buy, scratch with a sharp object, check it with a magnifying glass whether or not arising scratches.

Cultured Artificial Fake Marble Kitchen Countertops
Cultured Artificial Fake Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble Kitchen Countertops or Worktop Care From Stains, Maintenance, etc

If we decide to use marble countertops maintenance steps that we can do itself is quite diverse. Here is a row of a list that we can do:

Marble Kitchen Countertops Care From Stains, Maintenance, etc

  • • Immediately clean if the marble is already stained. Especially for acidic substance that if not promptly cleaned up will be lasting and difficult to remove. The cleaning process can be done by using a sponge and warm water, can also be added to the dish washing detergent.
  • • Clean regularly, whenever possible, use cleaners that contain alkali. Or you can outsmart by using a mixture of water and baking soda are cleaned over countertops, wait until dry and rinse (lap) with clean water.

Marble Kitchen Countertops or Benchtop Buying Factors Considerations

Countertops have an important role in the kitchen, because the countertops is where the core of most activities of the kitchen and to be decisive for the overall kitchen design. Here are some reasons that may be your consideration before deciding to buy a marble kitchen table.

  • • Financial and long-term investments - marble, a material is expensive, so if you have excess funds, marble is the best option for long-term investment maintenance of your kitchen. Of course this is because the durability of marble strong.
  • • The interior design of the kitchen - decide what theme you really want to use in the interior design of your kitchen and if the marble countertops can support interior theme you choose?
  • • Personality and lifestyle users - marble countertops is ideal to use for users who have this personality. First, the perfectionist but very, very rarely cook in the kitchen, so the marble table still looks shiny and luxurious. Second, people who love to cook and have time to immediately clean up the stain. Or lastly, people who love to cook, cool and liked the interior of the vintage, this is due to the presence of stains splattered penetrate the veins of marble will add value on the table, classical using your countertops.

Marble Kitchen Countertops Brown Classic

If you are willing to take the time and effort to always pay attention to the maintenance of marble, then the price obtained will be greater, the luxurious and elegant look natural rock beautify the look of your kitchen interior.

And here is it another 20 from 30 best most popular marble kitchen countertops or Tabletop pictures / images / photos

marble kitchen black countertops home depot and brown cabinets

U almost round green marble kitchen countertop with white cabinets

red marble kitchen countertop with black cabinets so classy

Marble Kitchen Countertops brown with brown cabinets

red Marble Kitchen Countertops with white cabinets

orange Marble Kitchen Countertops with orange brown cabinets pictures

Marble Kitchen Countertops images

Marble Kitchen Countertops photos

Marble Kitchen Countertops from wood classic

Marble Kitchen Countertops ergonomics

Marble Kitchen Countertops outdoor

Marble Kitchen Countertops awesome design

Marble Kitchen Countertops cool

Marble Kitchen Countertops with blue cabinets

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