Marble Floor Tile : How To Choose The Best One + 26 Best Design

Marble Floor Tile : How To Choose The Best One + 25 Best Design - Luxury looked room with Marble Flooring

One part of the interior of the house to watch its beauty is the floor. Exploration floor design to do with the color game, the game pattern flooring and floor covering materials selection.

Not only the aesthetic value that can be used as a reason why a floor covering material is selected, the function room is also one of the main factors of the selection of flooring material. Floor covering materials today are very diverse, ranging from ceramics, wood, natural stone, vinyl, parquet, carpet and so on.

green marble floor design ideas in living room

Floor covering material that is included in the category of natural stone is one marble. Marble including expensive natural stone is the choice of architects and interior designers from time to time.

This is because marble luxurious and elegant impression and is widely used for commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and apartments.

Marble is porous rocks large and has a wide pattern that is formed from the veins of marble. The marble floor is composed of two types, namely marble slabs and marble cutting.

Marble slab has a size larger than a marble cutting, about 1,2mx2,4m. While cutting marble has a size that is more diverse, including 30cmx30cm, 40cmx40cm, 60cmx60cm, and so forth.

bedroom marble floor white minimalist

In terms of installation, of a marble slab neater and faster when compared to marble cutting. This is because the size of a large marble slab that does not require a lot of grout and installation time is also shorter.

For you who wish to install marble floor coverings in your dwelling, this article can be used as a guide to find out more in the ins and outs of marble material. Neither of favorite colors, the various styles of marble, its application in the interior of the space, maintenance to installation costs.

For those of you who want to do business selling marble floors, this article can help.

Marble Floor Tile Favorite Colors are White, Grey, Black, and Gold

The choice of color is a favorite marble floor is a neutral color which when applied can be in harmony with the interior design. Neutral colors are popularly used for marble flooring, among others, black, gray, gold and white.

The impression created of each of white, grey, black, and gold to marble flooring were varied, including:

White Marble Floor Tile Colors

• White - clean and light. Can be combined with furniture in various shapes and colors as well as various interior themes, especially modern minimalist interior. Type is the White Carrara white marble, Statuario, Sivec White, White Pearl, Venus White, Solto White, Snow White and White Lilac

White Marble Floor Tile Colors beautiful design and pattern

White Marble Floor Tile Colors for kitchen

Grey Marble Floor Tile Colors

• Grey - modern. Suitable for modern minimalist interiors and contemporary with a monochrome color scheme combined with glass and crystal furniture. Marble with gray dominant color is Serpeggiante Grey, Palissandro Classico and Nestos

Grey Marble Floor Tile Colors design for room

Grey Marble Floor Tile Colors for family room design implementations

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Black Marble Floor Tile Colors

• Black - elegant. Black can be applied anywhere, did not rule out a dirty easily, such as the kitchen. Black marble include Black Beauty, Nero portoro Silver, Picasso Black and Serpegiante Black

Black Marble Floor Tile Colors for meeting room

Black Marble Floor Tile Colors design for living room

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Gold Marble Floor Tile Colors

• Gold - luxurious and warm. The gold color is widely used in commercial buildings, especially hotels and apartments. Application can be found in the lobby, a meeting room to room. Brownish gold marble choices include Brown Travertin, Giallo Imperial, Colombo Gold and Spanish Gold.

Gold Marble Floor Tile Colors design implementations for lobby

Gold Marble Floor Tile Colors design texture

Various Style Design Texture : Italian, Pakistani, Indian, UK For Marble Flooring Border

The marble floor has a variety of styles, including styles Italy, Pakistan and India, which each has its own characteristics.

Italian Style Marble Floor Tile : Hexagon Carrara is one of the most popular

Italian marble is the most expensive marble in its class but the beauty does not need to be asked again. Italian marble, among others Dyna, Travertino, Carrara, Botticino, Pavonazzo, Siena, Rosso Levanto and Red Verona.

italian marble stone flooring tile

India Style Marble Floor Tile : Makrana is the most popular one

India is a popular marble Makrana, where Makrana white that can be encountered in the Taj Mahal and the US White House.

India Style Marble Floor Tile

Pakistan Style Marble Floor Tile

Marble Pakistan, primarily from Buner town, among others Ziarat, Badal, Zebra, Nowshera, Jet-black, Bampokha and Golden Marble.

Pakistan Style Marble Floor Tile

UK Marble Floor Tile

UK marble is also popular for flooring.

UK Marble Floor Tile

Faux Artificial Marble Floor vs Real Marble Floor

Faux is artificial marble or marble you can say fake because it is made of paint techniques so that only the surface that looks like marble, but in fact it is not marble because it is not made of limestone and calcite.

Faux marble floor tile patterns

Real marble is marble made from natural rock limestone and calcite so of course more expensive. Certainly the impression of a natural classy look more luxurious and elegant than artificial marble.
Real Marble Floor Texture and Design

Applications for Home Interior Marble Flooring Patterns to Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, And Bathroom

Marble floor coverings can be applied in most of the rooms of your home. The living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the bathroom.

Living Room Marble Flooring Applications

• Living room - mix and match more than 2 types of flooring materials is suggested that makes the display more interesting because you can weave patterns with two different materials.

Living Room Marble Flooring Applications

Bedroom Marble Flooring Applications

• The bedroom - the use of white marble material to create the impression of quiet in the bedroom is strongly recommended or you can also use gold marble brown for a warmer impression.

Bedroom Marble Flooring Applications

Kitchen Room Marble Flooring Applications

• Kitchen - the use of white marble with veins of gray or black marble can add value your minimalist modern kitchen. The black color can also be applied in the kitchen because the black color is not easy to look dirty.

Kitchen Room Marble Flooring Applications

Bathroom Marble Flooring Applications

• Bathroom - marble floor is recommended to use the bathroom dry. Selection of bright colors like white, grayish or brown is the right choice to look always clean.

Bathroom Marble Flooring Applications

Pros and Cons, Plus and Minus, Advantages and disadvantages Marble Floor Tile Designs

Some of the pros / plus / advantages marble floors are:

  • • Flexible sizes - can be said to constitute marble floor covering materials with the largest size, up to 2m. But there are also marble cutting with a smaller size.
  • • Strong - hard marble surfaces can be used for mobility with high intensity.
  • • Resistant to heat - marble has a high resistance to heat so it is not easily bent.
  • • Cold - marble has a temperature colder than room temperature so it is suitable for homes in areas with tropical climates.
  • • Neat - installation of floor coverings marble require a smaller size nat. It can also be polished so that the grout is not visible.
  • • Elegant and luxurious - marble has natural texture with lots of choices pattern in which image patterns tend to be large which gave the impression of elegance and luxury.

black marble floor design for bedroom

There are advantages, there are also Cons / Minus / Disadvantages. A series of shortcomings marble floors, among others:

  • • Prices are relatively more expensive
  • • Easily scratched - marble is a natural stone that is prone to scratches.
  • • Easy tarnished - due to its large pores, prone to acidic substance that can cause scars if not promptly cleaned up.
  • • Extra care - when compared to ceramic, marble require more intense care because it must be polished regularly.

clear white marble floor for bedroom

Marble Floor Cleaning Care From Stains and Maintenance

Some maintenance for marble floors to look always shiny and durable, among others:
  • • Try to keep the marble floor is always dry. Immediately clean if the marble floor has been stained, especially if exposed to acid.
  • • When using cleaners mopping the floor with a neutral pH or can use a liquid containing alkali. May be given additional marble polish after mopping.
  • • Sweep / wipes the floor on a regular basis, so that dust does not scratch the surface of the marble sharply.
  • • If possible, give the sealing layer of at least 2 times a year.

marble floor implementation in tv room

Marble Floor Price Range Cost or Price Range cost per square foot for buy purchase or Sale via online or offline as you considered

Price range following marble marble installation depends on the type and origin. Of course to import marble has a price much more expensive than local marble.

Local Marble offered price of 110 USD / m². As for imported marble of different variants and types with random slab thickness between 1,6-2cm, prices ranging between 140 USD / m² to 260 USD / m².

simple tv room minimalist with marble floor

Marble Floor Installation and Buying Factors Considerations

Some of the considerations in the selection of flooring materials can be viewed in terms of technical and design.

From a technical point of things that need to be sorted as considerations installing and buying marble flooring are :

  • • Durability - the floor is expected to have a high durability especially in terms of it function in rooms. If the room has a function with high mobility, the strength of the main choice. Marble, no need to doubt his strength.
  • • Duration of use - if you are easily bored, then the floor is not easy to be overhauled as marble is not the right choice. Maybe you can use vinyl or carpet motif marble as a solution.
  • • Finance - marble is expensive materials. If you do have more funding, marble is the best option for long-term investment. Especially with the power level previously mentioned.
  • • Maintenance - consider having seen the advantages, disadvantages and treatment steps that have been mentioned previously.

In terms of design, which need to be considered in installing and buying marble flooring are :

  • • The theme and the kind of space - make sure the first theme of the interior and the kind of space you want to give a marble floor. This can help to decide whether the marble floors really fit with the theme and the space. As input from the design side, the marble floors can generally be applied to the interior with a modern minimalist style, contemporary or classic.
  • • Matching - whether the pattern matching combined floor are mutually complementary. (Especially for those who want to use more than one type of floor covering material).

marble tile bathroom floor brown classic

That is it Marble Floor Tile : How To Choose The Best One + 25 Best Design - Luxury looked room with Marble Flooring. Do not forget to share this article link in social media you know maybe your friends or followers is in need. Share your opinion on this article in the comments sections, thanks for the share and comments :)

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