Why Marble Cabinets? Dig Deep Here Like An Expert + 30 Designs

Why Marble Cabinets? Dig Deep Here Like An Expert + 30 Designs - One way to beautify your kitchen is to consider the design of a kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet has a primary function as storage, but it could not hurt to beautify zoom. This is reinforced by the main function of the kitchen that has begun to switch from cooking be used to entertain guests at the kitchen bar.

Therefore it would not hurt if you start thinking about designing the look of your kitchen cabinet to make it more attractive.

Marble can be used as the primary choice as cabinet material. Due account marble is other than strength is unquestionable, can make your kitchen impressed classy and expensive.

As we know, marble is a natural rock derived from metamorphic rock formed from carbon recrystallization process. These rocks have large pores and has a wide pattern formed from the veins of marble eternal beauty.

For you who wish to use furniture made of marble, this article can be used as a guide to find out more in the ins and outs of marble material. Discussion ranging from applications other than marble for kitchen cabinet furniture, favorite colors, their advantages and disadvantages to the maintenance of marble.

For those of you who want to do business marble furnishings, this article can help.

Marble Cabinets Top Console for Kitchen, Bathroom, TV Family Room, Bedside Bedroom, and Another Buffet Display Storage

In addition to kitchens, marble can also be applied as furniture in various rooms of your home. Starting from the bathroom, the living room to the bedroom.

Here are some of the furniture which can be used marble as a material offering its vital.

Marble Kitchen Implementations 

  • • Marble kitchen table (Countertops / worktops / benchtops / kitchen bench)
  • • Marble Kitchen Cabinet
  • Marble Kitchen Floor

Marble Bathroom Implementations 

  • • Marble Sink / Washbasin / Washbowl / Washstand
  • • Marble bathroom cabinet
  • Marble Bathroom Floor

Marble TV / Family Room Implementations 

  • • Marble Seating Table (Coffee table)
  • • Marble Cabinets display / buffet
  • • Marble Shelves with various functions
  • Marble TV / Family Room Floor

Marble Bedside Bedroom Implementations 

  • • Marble Bedside table (bedside)
  • • Marble wardrobe (wardrobe)
  • Marble Bedroom Floor

Another Marble Implementations 

  • Marble buffet cabinet
  • Marble display cabinet
  • Marble storage cabinet

White, Grey, and Black are Popular colors for Marble Cabinets

Marble cabinet color is a favorite among others, is a marble with a predominance of neutral colors like white, gray and black. Neutral colors chosen because it can be adapted to other colors are applied in your kitchen. For example paired with wood, iron, aluminum up other colors are more striking

Each neutrals become the favorite impression and experience to the advantages disadvantages.

White Marble Cabinets 

Clean and light. The white color which became the most favorite because the member the impression of light, clean and simple

Grey or Gray Marble Cabinets 

Modern and contemporary. The gray color is the color of mice that could be interpreted symbolizes warmth, shade, and also elegant. If you want the atmosphere of your kitchen into a relaxing and elegant shade and use the color gray as the color of your choice.

Black Marble Cabinets 

A mysterious and elegant. The black color of choice for classy-elegant impression and not easy to look dirty even though there is little stain.

Marble Cabinets Type Variations Based On It's Door

Kitchen cabinet doors have a variety of types, including use of the cabinet pull door (swing door), cabinet sliding door (sliding door) to open the cabinet without doors.

  • • Swing / handle pull knob door cabinet - more commonly used in the traditional kitchen.
  • • Sliding door cabinet - suitable for use in the kitchen with a narrow area because it does not take up much space to open the closed door.
  • • Open cabinet - more practical and do not bother, but the gear inside the cabinet is dirty and smelly because dust and steam food.

Pros and Cons, Plus and Minus, Advantages and disadvantages of Marble Cabinets

Marble cabinets have some advantages / pros / plus :

  • • Strong - the marble surface is hard and durable be a long-term investment that is highly recommended.
  • • Resistant to heat - marble has a high resistance to heat so it does not matter if it is used in the kitchen area that often come into contact with hot objects and steam.
  • • Elegant and luxurious - marble has natural texture with lots of choices pattern in which image patterns tend to be large which gave the impression of elegance and luxury.
  • • Flexible design - marble cutting easier and faster when compared to granite. Marble is not easy to crack and break when cut, so it allows for different designs.

Marble cabinets have some disadvantages / Cons / Minus :

  • • Expensive price
  • • Easily scratched - marble is a natural stone that is prone to scratches.
  • • Easy tarnished - due to its large pores, prone to acidic substance that can cause scars if not promptly cleaned up.
  • • Requires professionals - both in installation and repair, marble is quite cumbersome and heavy when not using a professional to do it.
  • • Extra care - marble require more intense care because it must be polished regularly.

Marble Cabinets Care (Cleaning from Stains) and Maintenance

Some maintenance for marble kitchen cabinet to look always shiny, durable and more beautiful among others:

  • • Try to keep it dry. Immediately clean if the cabinet has been exposed to splashing marble stains, especially if exposed to acid stain. The cleaning process can be done by using a sponge and warm water, can also be added to the dish washing detergent.
  • • Clean regularly, whenever possible, use cleaners that contain alkali. Or you can outsmart by using a mixture of water and baking soda are wiped in furnishings, wait until dry and rinse (lap) with clean water.
  • • If possible, give the sealing layer of at least 2 times a year.

Marble Cabinets Price Range Cost per square foot for buy purchase or Sale via online or offline as you considered

To find out the price of one set of kitchen cabinet made of marble is not very easy because consumers usually have to do a 'deal' with the personal furniture. But by knowing the price of marble / m¹ in the market, we can guess what the price of one set of marble kitchen cabinet.

As we know the prices of local marble in the market ranges between USD 85 / m¹ to 170 / m¹, depending on the type of marble used. As for imported marble with random slab and a thickness between 1,6-2cm, prices ranging between USD 140 / m² to 260 / m².

While a rough calculation of the kitchen cabinet is using a reference price per meter run, the purpose of the price per meter run is a unit of the total length of the outer areas of the cabinet is reduced to the width of the depth of the cabinet. For example, the length of the lower and upper cabinet yours are each 5 m with 60 cm in width and 40 cm in the cabinet below the top cabinet.

Then how to calculate your kitchen set is:

  • • Cabinet on: 5m (length) - 0.4m (width) = 4.6m x variable price = marble top cabinet price
  • • Cabinet under: 5m (length) - 0.6m (width) = 4.4m x variable marble price = price lower cabinets.

For the record, this calculation does not include the kitchen table (countertops) and other complementary kitchen with microwave, sink, gas stove, refrigerator and so on.

Marble Cabinets Installation and Buying Factors Considerations

A series of considerations in the selection of cabinet materials marble can be seen in terms of technical and design.

Technical aspects to consider when installing and buying marble cabinets are :

  • • Durability - marble as kitchen wall coatings are expected to have a high durability, resistance to heat and the room temperature.
  • • Finance - marble is expensive materials. If you do have more funding, marble is the best option for long-term investment. Especially with the level of strength of marble.
  • • Maintenance - consider having seen the advantages, disadvantages and treatment steps that have been mentioned previously.

Design aspects to consider when installing and buying marble cabinets are :

  • • Scene kitchen - make sure the first theme of the interior of your kitchen. This can help to decide whether the cabinet marble does not really fit with the concept that has been selected.
  • • Personality and lifestyle users - for those of you who always keep fit with regular use of marble cabinet does require more care. But the person who loves to cook, cool and liked the vintage interior also can have it. This is because if the cabinet stains splattered penetrate the veins of marble, it will increase the value of antiques, classical of the cabinet.

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