Marble Backsplash 1001 : Great Idea For Your Kitchen + 30 Popular Designs

Marble Backsplash Tile 1001 : Great Idea For Your Kitchen + 30 Popular Designs - Make Beautiful kitchen with Antique Marble Backsplash

Now, the main function of the kitchen has started turning, not only for cooking, but the kitchen is also intended to entertain guests, than just eating together to chat at the kitchen bar. Therefore it would not hurt if you start thinking about designing the look of your kitchen in order to become more attractive.

Shall we start with the look backsplash as one of the decorative elements of exploration kitchen.

Backsplash is located between the wall under the kitchen cabinet with the cabinet above the kitchen that became our sights when washing dishes or cooking. A wide variety of materials can be used to decorate the walls to make it look more attractive. 

But certainly the similarity of all the materials it should be a strong material, heat resistant and easy to maintain. Some of these materials include ceramic tile, stainless steel, glass, antique marble mosaic even pretty interesting.

For you who wish to install a marble wall coverings in your kitchen, this article can be used as a guide to find out more in the ins and outs of marble material. Neither of favorite colors, various types of imported marble, advantages and disadvantages, maintenance to installation costs. 

For those of you who want to do business selling marble, this article can help.

White, Grey, Black, Gold, Beige, Green, And Blue Marble Backsplash Tile For Kitchen

Rows of antique marble tile color for the backsplash that be a lot of choices people among others are marbled with predominantly white, gray, black gold, beige, green and blue. Each color impression and experience different for each color contains different psychological side.

White Marble Backsplash Tile For Kitchen

Clean and light. The white color which became the most favorite because the member the impression of light, clean and simple

Grey or Gray Marble Backsplash Tile For Kitchen

Modern and contemporary. The gray color is the color of mice that could be interpreted symbolizes warmth, shade, and also elegant. If you want the atmosphere of your kitchen into a relaxing and elegant shade and use the color gray as the color of your choice.

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Black Marble Backsplash Tile For Kitchen

A mysterious and elegant. The black color of choice for classy-elegant impression and not easy to look dirty even though there is little stain.

Gold Marble Backsplash Tile For Kitchen

Luxurious and classy. The gold color symbolizes notch, luxury, power, and security is also wisdom. Choose the color of gold as the color of your backsplash mainstay if you want to look glamorous and classy.

Beige Marble Backsplash Tile For Kitchen

Graceful and warm. Softness and classic is the impression created by the color beige. The impression gained beige color similar to the color brown. If you want an impression of classic and gentle on your kitchen backsplash, beige is the right choice.

Green Marble Backsplash Tile For Kitchen

Fresh and beautiful. The color green chosen for the more exotic and accentuates the impression of a more conventional. Green marble without sanding and furnishing will accentuate the character of a traditional kitchen is expensive, especially when juxtaposed with light wood cabinet.

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Blue Marble Backsplash Tile For Kitchen

Cool and calm. Blue is the color of the sea and sky. That is the color that symbolizes peace and quiet, also the tenderness and trust. The blue color when paired with white cabinet on the countertops will add a sense of cool and comfortable in your kitchen.

Carrara, Subway, Herringbond, Faux, Calacatta, Arabesque, Chevron, Venatino Variants Marble Tile Type for Backsplash Kitchen

Marble itself has various types, depending on the areas where the natural stone originates. In addition to Indonesia, some marble producing countries including India, Pakistan, Spain, Italy, Greece and many more. Here are some types of marble are popular.

Carrara Marble Tile For Backsplash Kitchen

• Carrara - marble is most commonly used. The color of the marble is white, gray or blue-gray. Gorgeous marble with small delicate veins. Carrara comes from Italy and is widely used for Greek and Roman sculpture.

Calacatta Marble Tile For Backsplash Kitchen

• Calacatta - has similarities with Carrara that sometimes people mistakenly refer to this as Carrara marble. Actually a very significant difference lies in the vein. Have the same dominant color is white, but the veining of Calacatta thicker (obviously) when compared to Carrara.

Subway Marble Tile For Backsplash Kitchen

• Subway - a marble, also from Italy with dominant white color. Often applied to floors and walls of the bathroom.

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Herringbone Marble Tile For Backsplash Kitchen

• Herringbone - a traditional marble tiles that have a pattern of zig zag geometry. This type of marble can give a contemporary feel in your kitchen.

Arabesque Marble Tile For Backsplash Kitchen

• Arabesque - an antique marble with different dominant colors like white, beige to brown and have a curved geometric patterns. The pattern is reminiscent of the ornaments of buildings in the Middle East countries.

Chevron Marble Tile For Backsplash Kitchen

• Chevron - are also patterned marble geometry. Most people find it difficult to distinguish Chevron with Herringbone. But the fundamental difference between the two is, Chevron patterned geometry inverted V shape while the herringbone pattern of random zigzag geometry.

Venatino Marble Tile For Backsplash Kitchen

• Venatino - came from Italy with white dominant color. Carrara marble is similar to, but the most fundamental difference is the color of the veins Venantino gray.

Faux Marble Tile For Backsplash Kitchen

• Faux - a type of tiles painted with patterns resemble veined marble. You can also apply this method to obtain the marble pattern with your favorite colors.

Pros and Cons, Plus and Minus, Advantages and disadvantages Marble Backsplash Tile for Kitchen

Marble backsplash tile for kitchen have some advantages / pros / plus :

  • • Strong - the marble surface is hard and durable be a long-term investment that is highly recommended.
  • • Resistant to heat - marble has a high resistance to heat so it does not matter if it is used in the kitchen area that often come into contact with hot liquid and steam.
  • • Neat - marble backsplash installation requires nat smaller size. It can also be polished so that the grout is not visible.
  • • antique natural rocks pretty - marble has natural texture with lots of choice nice pattern natural pattern, geometric pattern straight to curved geometric patterns.

Marble backsplash tile for kitchen have some disadvantages / Cons / Minus :

  • • Prices are relatively more expensive
  • • Easily scratched - marble is a natural stone that is prone to scratches.
  • • Easy tarnished - due to its large pores, prone to acidic substance that can cause scars if not promptly cleaned up.
  • • Requires professionals - both in installation and repair, marble is quite cumbersome and heavy when not using a professional to do it.
  • • Extra care - marble require more intense care because it must be polished regularly.

Marble Backsplash Tile Care (Cleaning from Stains) and Maintenance for Kitchen 

Some maintenance for marble backsplash to look always shiny, durable and more antique, among others:

  • • Immediately clean if a marble backsplash has been exposed to splashing stain, especially if exposed to acid stain.
  • • Clean regularly, whenever possible, use cleaners that contain alkali. Or you can outsmart by using a mixture of water and baking soda are wiped in backsplash, wait until dry and rinse (lap) with clean water.
  • • If possible, give the sealing layer of at least 2 times a year.

Marble Backsplash Kitchen Price Range Cost per square foot for buy purchase or Sale via online or offline as you considered

Price range following marble backsplash installation is essentially the same as the installation of a marble floor, marble depending on the type and origin. For the local marble price offered around USD 110 / m². 

As for imported marble of various variants of the type with a thickness between 1,6-2 cm, prices ranging between USD 140 / m² to USD 260 / m². For popular as White Carrara marble, prices range up to USD 185 / m².

Marble Backsplash Kitchen Installation and Buying Factors Considerations

A series of considerations in the selection of antique marble as a backsplash material can be viewed in terms of technical and design.

A review of the technical aspects for Installation and Buying Factors Considerations Marble Backsplash Kitchen are

  • • Durability - marble as kitchen wall coatings are expected to have a high durability, resistance to heat and the room temperature. This factor is already owned by marble.
  • • Duration of use - if you are person who gets bored easily, then the wall material is not easy to be overhauled as marble is not the right choice.
  • • Finance - marble is expensive materials. If you do have more funding, marble is the best option for long-term investment. Especially with the power level previously mentioned.
  • • Maintenance - consider having seen the advantages, disadvantages and treatment steps that have been mentioned previously.

In terms of design, which need to be considered in installing and buying factors marble backsplash kitchen are :

  • • Scene kitchen - make sure the first theme of the kitchen interior will give a marble backsplash. This can help to decide whether the marble backsplash does not really fit with the theme of the kitchen. As input from the design, kitchen backsplash with antique marble can generally be applied to the interior with a modern minimalist style, contemporary or classic.
  • • Personality and lifestyle users - for the use of antique marble, people who love to cook, cool and liked the vintage interior is highly recommended. That is because the presence of splattered stains penetrate the marble veins will add value, classical antique table your backsplash. But for you who always keep an orderly was also not a problem to use marble backsplash.

And here is it another marble backsplash kitchen ideas pictures / images / photos / designs

That is it Marble Backsplash 1001 : Great Idea For Your Kitchen + 30 Popular Designs. Do not forget to share this article link in social media you know maybe your friends or followers is in need. Share your opinion on this article in the comments sections, thanks for the share and comments :)

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