100+ Best Bookends Ideas : People Most Wanted To Sell or Buy

100+ Best Bookends Ideas : People Most Wanted To Sell or Buy - No houses that do not have a book. Therefore, the book can be one of the elements in the interior decoration of your home.

Do not let the book that was illegible become useless pile in the barn, remove it and brag about it! No need to worry if you do not have a bookshelf. 

Although you do not have a bookcase, without any shelf of books can decorate a corner of your home. 

How to decorate a corner of your home without Bookcase or Bookshelf, this will add more value on arrangements of books

• Formulates the vertically a certain height on one side of the wall and use as table place to put a painting or a bag. This way you'll get a decor elements that embellish the interior space.

• For those who have a rack shelves, instead of family photos, you can show off books and magazines on the rack instead. Arrange book with a front cover showing interest.

• Place the book on the sideboard in an amount not too much, just 3-5 books. It can be a beautiful accessory that accompany vase and flowers

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• Another way is to frame some of your books with various models of frame and hanging on one wall of the house. Unique book Galleries ready to decorate your walls!

• Rows of books laid out horizontally by using the back of the book, also can be an attractive element decoration for your interior.

Bookends Help You Organize Your Book without Bookshelf or Bookcase

Bookends a unique decor elements that can help you spruce up the book and make it more attractive. Bookends function is to support the row of books in order to be able to stand upright. 

Bookends been used several centuries ago and has been patented by William Stebbins Barnard in 1877. 

If you do not have a bookshelf, bookends can help you to organize your book over the sideboard, desk, shelves shelves up on top of cabinets or shelves television. The form is a wide range and variety of colors is truly a beautiful ornaments to decorate your space.

The following will explain the ins and outs of bookends from the color, material, shape popular to your price range for those interested in buying or selling online as well as offline. 

Hopefully this article can help you to determine the book end like what you need. Happy reading!

Bookends Most Favorite Colors are white, black, gold, silver, and yellow

Popular color is a favorite for bookends are neutral colors such as white, black, gold and silver. As for the primary colors of the favorite color is yellow. This is because the color is perfect paired with a variety of colors and materials of any kind.

White Bookends Design Ideas

• White - clean and light. Can be combined with furniture in various shapes and colors as well as various interior themes, especially modern minimalist interior

Black Bookends Design Ideas

• Black - a mysterious, firm, solid and elegant. Black can be applied anywhere, Suitable for modern minimalist interiors and contemporary.

Silver Bookends Design Ideas

• Silver - Give impression of tranquility, shade and modern. Well if paired with other colors are contrasting because it was not Suitable for modern minimalist interiors and contemporary with a monochrome color scheme combined with glass and crystal furniture.

Gold Bookends Design Ideas

• Gold - glamour, luxury and dynamic. Gold is often used for antique and classic backrest. The gold color gives the impression considering the accessories.

Yellow Bookends Design Ideas

• Yellow - bright and cheery. Suitable for modern interiors, contemporary, vintage and pop.

Bookends Most Favorite Materials are Wood, glass, ferrous metal, leather, vinyl, marble, agate, quartz, plastic

For materials of bookends, powerful ingredients remain a seed. A series of materials that include wood, metal, glass, agate rocks, marble and quartz. In addition another favorite ingredient among leather, vinyl and plastic.

Wood Bookends Design Ideas

Glass Bookends Design Ideas

Iron / Ferrous Metal Bookends Design Ideas

Leather Bookends Design Ideas

Vinyl Bookends Design Ideas

Marble Bookends Design Ideas

Agate Bookends Design Ideas

Quartz Bookends Design Ideas

Plastic Bookends Design Ideas

Bookends Most Favorite Animals Shape are elephants, dogs, zebras, cats, horses, giraffes, owls, whales, dachshund, kraken, unicorn, dragon

Animal-shaped bookends are still much sought after, such as elephants, dogs of various types such as dachshund, zebra, cats, horses, giraffes, owls and whales. 

Even animals are also a favorite fantasy, such as the kraken, unicorns and dragons.

Forms of animal bookends are widely used by animal lovers who have a classic space concept, with the backrest finish uses metal material. 

Or interior concept for children: a child's room or in the classroom and the reading room of children with backrest stuffed animals that finish using fabrication materials.

Elephant Bookends Design Ideas

Dog Bookends Design Ideas

Zebra Bookends Design Ideas

Cat Bookends Design Ideas

Horse Bookends Design Ideas

Giraffe Bookends Design Ideas

Owl Bookends Design Ideas

Whale Bookends Design Ideas

Dashchund Bookends Design Ideas

Kraken Bookends Design Ideas

Unicorn Bookends Design Ideas

Dragon Bookends Design Ideas

Bookends Most Favorite Ideas From Film or Movies

As a movie lover, of the backrest of the favorite movies will be much sought after. In the market a lot of bookends shaped the character of the film, from the film Star Wars with a lightsaber, Narnia, Harry Potter with Dobby or Hogwarts Express, Batman vs. Superman, Lord of The Rings, Hobbits.

Also various characters from the Disney movie, game of Thrones, James Bond, Zombie, various characters from the Marvel superhero in silhouette, and so on. In addition, many bookends take the form from lego, katana, a pistol and golf.

Starwars Bookends Design Ideas

Lightsaber Bookends Design Ideas

Narnia Bookends Design Ideas

Harry Potter Bookends Design Ideas

Dobby Bookends Design Ideas

Batman Bookends Design Ideas

Lord of The Ring Bookends Design Ideas

Disney Bookends Design Ideas

Game of Thrones Bookends Design Ideas

James Bond Bookends Design Ideas

Zombie Bookends Design Ideas

Marvel Superhero Bookends Design Ideas

Lego Bookends Design Ideas

Katana Bookends Design Ideas

Gun Bookends Design Ideas

Golf Bookends Design Ideas

Bookends Favorite Feminine Style For Girls and Women

Bookends with impressive feminine form in some variants also have different forms, including:

• Romantic Bookends Design Ideas - heart-shaped, couples or letter associated with love, yoga, poem

• Food Bookends Design Ideas - has the form of a variety of foods, fruits or ingredients kitchen. Usually used in the kitchen, to organize cookbooks.

• Sea Bookends Design Ideas - associated with the sea, transparent

• The initial letter and (or) quotation Bookends Design Ideas - commonly applied to the room retro, pop art or shabby chic.

• Unique Vintage Bookends Design Ideas- suitable for decoration element vintage and shabby chic. The form was diverse, can be a 70s era legacy items like camera, crushers coffee or movie player. Means of transportation Bookends Design Ideas - can use the design of ships or bikes.

• Classical Bookends Design Ideas - antique memorable match for the workspace with the classic concept.

• Geometry Bookends Design Ideas - decorative modern impression

• Transparent and kids things

• It has multiple functions such as for vases and lamps Bookends Design Ideas

Some of these forms have different styles, so that the implementation in the room was different, tailored to the interior concept is applied in the room.

Bookends Price Range cost for you who want to buy purchase or Sale via online or offline

Bookends have different prices depending on the material and size possessed. The more popular will be more expensive, such as bookends favorite movie character. Some bookends priced as follows:
  • • Iron usual - starting from 3 USD.
  • • Iron 2D plate-shaped (eg the Eiffel Tower) - starting from 5 to 14 USD
  • • Wood Animals 3D (eg whales) - from 18  USD 
  • • Iron 3D shaped and carved (eg the Eiffel Tower) - starting from 18 USD
  • • 3D antique decor (like a statue-joint) - starting from 22 USD
  • • Silhouette of superhero made of iron plates (the film series) - starting from 25 USD
  • • Animals made of acrylic imports - ranging from 150 USD

That is it 100+ Best Bookends Ideas : People Most Wanted To Sell or Buy. I hope this article give many benefits for you.

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